Nintendo Wii turns woman into sex addict

The Nintendo Wii has turned a female into a sex-addict after a fall from her Wii Fit board.

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Gandalf3135d ago

Push women off Wii Fit Board = Profit

SnuggleBandit3135d ago

Cool, gonna get my GF wii fit for her birthday

fox023135d ago

What's her next MOVE?

christian hour3135d ago

I suppose I'm the only one here who see's this as a bad thing for the woman. This has serious ramifications on her day to day life that sadly will not be understood by the horny rampant teenagers that flood this site.

Gun_Senshi3135d ago

10 times a day is pretty screwed. How can you even find time for that unless you do nothing in your life, really nothing, not even eat or take a dump.

joydestroy3135d ago

yah eventually she won't feel that stimulation anymore

Blaze9293135d ago

And thus Wii Fit and Wii console sales begin to rise out of nowhere...

SullyDrake3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Lubricate Wii Fit Balance Board, woman slips and falls - Profit + innocence maintained

Megaton3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Read about another case of this a few months back caused by a car crash. If I remember correctly, the woman is fairly miserable because of it. She's always ridiculously horny, and even if she bangs a dozen times a day she's never satisfied.

IdleLeeSiuLung3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

... as reported by Nintendo annual report!

MS and Sony is scrambling to make their own sex addict causing device....

BX813135d ago

@Christian hour... Sorry not everyone can be CPT. Save-A-Hoe!

Mo0eY3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

I read about a woman who had on average 200 orgasms a day just from walking about. She said it's so uncomfortable around people, and at times, it gets painful. As much as this sounds fun for both parties, just imagine your working at the office and you JIZZ IN YOUR PANTS in a meeting. Everyone would laugh at ya. Hope she gets it worked out.

nbsmatambo3135d ago

how about you find out where this nerve is and precisely hit it instead of trial and error with the balance board

fatstarr3135d ago

a new reason to buy wii fit.
what a scientific breakthrough... thank you nintendo.
lol next thing i see the next ads from sony having this in it.

Army_of_Darkness3135d ago

as much as I love sex, I can't go no more than 4x a day max... so in a way, it might be a bad thing cause if you can't give it to her 10x a day, then I'm pretty sure she'll find other ways/people to accomplish her daily needs....

GodsHand3135d ago

I remember when they were just called nymphos.

beardpapa3135d ago

she probably fell on her pudendal nerve too hard.

Max Power3135d ago

that's great until you can't take it anymore and your women goes looking for another man/men to full fill her. I swear some people just don't think about it.

AEtherbane3135d ago

Must have been Tiger Woods's Wii

Fanb0y3135d ago

Sony should catch on. All the Xbox fanboys are calling the Move a dild0 anyways.

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LoaMcLoa3135d ago

If the wowan's hot, I don't see any problems, do you? >:D

va_bank3135d ago

Because it doesn't list her phone number or even an email address. :(

Kratos Spartan3135d ago

she doesn't need you, as she has the balance board.


va_bank3135d ago

Who cares what/who she needs, I need her! :)))

BYE3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Finally they found a good use for the Wii ;)

Let's just hope it doesn't happen to Cammy Dunaway. It would give "catering to the hardcore" a new meaning. At least for Reggie :D

Robert Patrick3135d ago

It's only women who play wii, thats too bad shes a sex addict...

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