Halo MMO a "WoW killer"? Unlikely.

Maybe people should start focusing on making their MMO's original and fun, rather than pumping out WoW clones what seems fortnightly; all they do is take an existing fictional universe (Conan, Warhammer 40k, Star Trek, Star Wars, the list goes on…), give the WoW system a tweak or two, then market as a totally new experience. Thank you, gaming industry, for flooding the market with crap

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RBlaze3113d ago

... that, regardless of what anyone thinks of the game... WoW runs the show when it comes to MMO.

It is like what the iPod was to the MP3 world... Nothing else really had a look in. I think that it'll take a shift in the genre before WoW is knocked off number one.

Change the gametype to a slightly new genre and you create a niché... Battle WoW on it's own ground.. and it will not be beaten.

starmin763113d ago

Is the only upcomming MMO that I can see actually dethroning WoW. Not only does it try to do something substantially different than WoW (mixing mmo game play with story-oriented, single-player RPG style quests), It's also made by one of the most renowned developers of the past decade, and it's also got the brand recognition that comes along with the star wars title.

WoW's innitial success was launched by two main groups:

People who liked Warcraft

People who liked MMO's

SWTOR's success will be launched by several groups:

People who love Star Wars

People who love MMO's

People who love Kotor

People who love Bioware

So yeah, SWTOR has A LOT going for it.

Letros3113d ago

SW:TOR is nothing like WoW, Bioware is the first to understand this, and it will bring a whole new meaning to MMORPG.

Guild Wars 2 will also carry a lot of players with its subscriber free, true-balanced competitive PvP.

I'd like to say APB will be a sucess, but I'm afraid it just will not have the depth to keep players coming back.