GT5's Improved AI Avoidance

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"In one of mimaximax's recent videos, he (attempts) to show damage on the Nissan Motul GT-R. Unfortunately, despite the fact that it's a race car, it doesn't show anything more than a few scratches in this old demo that he's using. While trying to damage the car, though, he inadvertently forces an AI-controlled Castrol Supra into a last-second avoidance maneuver. For a game which has long been criticized for its artificial intelligence, this is a positive step forward. Watch for the incident shortly after 2:15 in the video below."

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THC CELL3108d ago

wow the ps3 makes sharp moves lol

el_nene_lindo3108d ago

damn gran turismo 5 looks waaaaaaaaaaaay better than flopza3 and is going to have more sales than flopza3