Games without narrative from get-go will become "obsolete", says Yerli

VG247: Games that don't build in a narrative process from the beginning of its development will become "obsolete," Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has told VG247.

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Gandalf3109d ago

Yeti, shut up.

Oh, Yerli... wtf?

nycredude3109d ago

Developers that talk too much and under delivers will become obsolete.

chak_3109d ago

I prefered the old crytek communication-wise.

Those guys just talk too much.

theoboley3109d ago

I'm getting a bit tired of these people thinking they're all high and mighty. Oh we think this, and we think that. Other developers should do it this way...

You know what? STFU. Because your game was the benchmark for high-end PCs, doesn't give you the right to spout off about every little thing that YOU think is wrong with the way other people go about their business.

F*ck Crytek. And YES i will be buying Crysis 2 just to see how much it compares to UC2 and other such games on the ps3 graphic wise.