Eurogamer Holland: Splinter Cell Conviction: Review

Eurogamer Holland: Ubisoft has years and years had time of Splinter Cell: Conviction to make something beautiful, and it is sad to see that this was wrong. There are really nice pieces in the game, and some elements are quite visible. How it works excellent coverage system for example. Still sneaking while playing the game feel like it much, much more could have been. Splinter Cell Conviction is not really called because the speed is much higher, and Sam has changed the design completely changed, but this had been having basically no problem.

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Obama3136d ago

wow. No wonder the reviews were delayed.

Jedward-3136d ago

Well i was expecting about 3/10 so this is a very very good score.

happy_gilmore3136d ago

same thing happened with prince of persia back in '08