The History of Zelda Documentary

Big downloads, but totally worth it for Zelda fans.

For the past year-and-a-half, several people have been working on a massive project to translate the Zelda no Video documentary released in 2003 by Enterbrain in Japan. My first attempt at getting the video translated failed because I did not have enough experience with ripping video from DVDs nor did my original translator fully understand what was being said by the people in the documentary. Thus, it wasn't until late 2005 when I finally found somebody who could translate the video.

Sadly, the person never completed the translation and I was about to give up on the project until Patricia came along. She offerred to do her best and attempted to translate the video. Finally, in December of 2006, the subtitles were completed. After attempting to encode the video myself, it was apparent I did not have the necessary experience and could not provide a quality video.

Earlier this year around March, I was approached by the anime fansub community who had heard I was attempting to get this Japanese Zelda video out with subtitles. This group took the video, checked the subtitles for accuracy, fixed the timing, and then after a month of testing, finally encoded the video for distribution.

The video is available in two formats. You can download a low-quality, DivX encoded .avi file or a high-quality mp4 video.

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MyNutsYourChin4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

I love media like this! Being a gamer that's played the Zelda series from its inception and pretty much loved each installment no matter the console (except the 3D0, that was crap), I enjoyed the documentary.

It would be nice to see more game documentaries about the histories, series', or stories of certain games. I think Final Fantasy would be a good one to do also.