The Tester Boasts a Big Following

PSLS writes:

The Tester is the exclusive PS3 reality show, where contestants are challenged to see who has what it takes to be the next great game tester. It all starts with 11 contestants and only 1 is chosen the victor. Each week the contestants are exposed to various gaming challenges to prove they have what it takes. Recently some official numbers were revealed about the popularity of the show, more after the jump.

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Nizzy793112d ago

They were doing challenges that had absolutely NOTHING to do with being a video game tester. lmfao... this show was a HUGE FAIL.

After watching ep 1, 2 and part of 3, I just waited for 8 and fast forwared to the last 10 mins to see how won.

If they want a season 2 they have to play more than 5 mins of Drake!

Stationfan3111d ago

At first it seemed like the challenges had nothing to do with being a tester, but alot of them had a moral to the story. The shooting range was about focus. (Which weeded out Doc because that was his weakness).

Show was silly but entertaining.

jalen2473111d ago

I enjoyed the show.

I don't watch TV so this is a ringing endorsement coming from me.