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Critical Gamer writes: Do you remember the 90's console generation? Can you remember reading in magazines about the beautiful game-shaped fruits that the Americans and Japanese enjoyed while we (the Europeans) ate mouldy old cheese-shaped floor sweepings for our offerings from their shores? Well, we did get some nice scraps sent our way sometimes but even those had bits chopped out or borders added on. Basically we lived by the old saying your granny used if you complained; "you'll eat what you're given, and enjoy it!". Ah, those were the days. In truth though, we're still in those days

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Mondayding3108d ago

Okay fanboys, commence bitter arguments about which console is best.... Now!

Smart arse comment number 2: They lived under Bush junior for all those years, they've got to have some kind of compensation.

Cubes3108d ago

Totally agree with your article. We are only now getting the Ghostbusters space, around a year after the Americans! For something that doesn't need any form of language translation, it's ridiculous. Home is good for the odd half hour, but we need more content to keep us coming back, and that sadly just isn't the case. The whole lack of interactivity, bar silly dances, also mean boredom creeps in all too quickly.

KrazyFace3108d ago

Too true Mondayding! I think Home is just a bit of a waste for the europans to be honest, at least the Americans and the Japanese get a decent ammount of stuff, but as the article says, how hard is it to throw in more spaces and content? It really is a tough hand for the EU.

scruffy_bear3108d ago

Yeah the EU Home could do with more spaces

Pidgeridoo3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I wish the EU home could be more like the US home

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

"internet Bitter internet" ;-D

It is 'EASY' idiot internet people -
If you like HOME then use it, if not then don't??? + it don't cost you nothing;)

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