Game Pro: Castlevania: Developer Interview

GamePro talks with Producer David Cox about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and how it looks to satisfy fans of the originals, yet captivate new audiences into it's dark, violent, melancholic world.

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deafwing3136d ago

... given the last 3D outings in the series (and for some in most of the recent titles) it's hard to believe that this would be good.

... Remaking the game wasn't new in 3D though (per the devs statement) since the first 3D was a telling of the story of the Whip.

Would be nice to see what they do though ... just don't make the damn game boring; the last 3D one was too boring for a Castlevania game.

Dipso3136d ago

The emphasis on platforming seems like the right direction to go, it was sorely missed in Lament and COD. Its nice to have an action adventure game to look forward to now that GOW 3 is done.