Mercenaries 2 Tapping Only 30% of the PS3's Potential

In a Q&A session done on the official Mercenaries 2 forums, Lead Designer Scott Warner has revealed that Mercenaries 2 - like many other games shown at E3 - is only tapping 30% of the Playstation 3's potential. Seeing how this game features such a vast, dynamic world with very nice graphics (judging from the early screenshots), this is a rather impressive fact.

But it also brings up this question: Why don't they tap the full potential just now? Perhaps there are certain constraints only developers can understand, but I see no reason not using that leftover power, to, for example, improve the destruction aspects of the game even more, or add a bunch of effects. I think there was a similar comment made in regard to Gears Of War on the Xbox 360 and that statement struck me as equally odd. Maybe someone will explain this mystery to me.

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achira5399d ago (Edited 5399d ago )

epic said gow uses 80% of xbox360's power. but nevertheless there is not so much physic, no destructivalbe environments, only better textures and lightning (the same goes for UT2007).

this game looks very impressive, and it only uses 30% ? man thats power !!! i cant wait for this power console.

RuffRyder5399d ago

Yea i cant wait for all this potentail power and erm bottlenecks either lol, you crack me up lol.

TheMART5399d ago

Ofcourse Sony pays producers to say these kind of things. Because they got to much bad news lately.

Who can ever calculate how much in % it uses the power? What is 100% and how do you know how to compare that.

Oh yeah and it's posted by the Truth who is always telling bullsh*t just like Achira, ssj/lametime, NJ

Really it doesn't say anything. I've only seen bad ingame footage and not the CGI that was promised. SO just bring on the real games. Just be head to head this Christmas.

Then Gears of War and Forza 2 will kick any PSZero's games ars

Not by 20% but 100% positive

zypher5399d ago

"Oh yeah and it's posted by the Truth who is always telling bullsh*t just like Achira, ssj/lametime, NJ"

yeah. okay. and you trying to slam another fanboy in an article about a console you don't even like isn't BS? --shakes my head and sigh--

anyway, Mercenaries, which looks AWESOME, only using 30% of the PS3's power just makes me want the system even more. i wonder if the same can be said about MGS4 and Heavy Rain: that they only use 30% of PS3's powe? if so then i don't know how any respectable gamer couldn't get excited about the PS3. i never really got into Mercenaries until i saw these new pics. maybe the game'll be something to look into?

shotty5399d ago

Peter moore said the current demo of Gears of War was 80% visually of what Epic will acheive when the game is shipped. The game was only running on 1 core of the xbox 360. Same for mercenaries 2 it will run the processor at 100% but the coding is only 30% effiecent. Tons of loops will cut the effiecency.

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TheMART5399d ago

You're not paying for real games right here, right now, you're paying for potential. Spec's peak power on paper, that's your potential.

If you want to pay for it, you'll get nothing back. Pay also more for games, 79, 89 or 99 dollars/euro's.

That's also potential I guess. Potential much space but they'll only use something between Sl and DL-DVD space. Great ain't it?

kingboy5399d ago (Edited 5399d ago )

ofcourse microsoft pays u to post sh*t always plus u didn`t develope that game or even know anything on game development,so don`t make us think ur fool which i think ur not.

Lucidmantra5399d ago

you dont develop or do anything but post here either so jump in the barrel with themart ... you two can get to know each other more. Not that i would wish it on themart but you are basically doing the same thing.

CAPS LOCK5399d ago

i thought the real deal was bad, but was i wrong ur even a bigger fanboy than him, thats why u always post bad comments about the ps3, because ur scared that it might be better than the 360, and ur scared that the online would be better than x-box live and that all ur money is gone to waste...and why the f*ck do u keep saying the game prices will be 89-100 dollers and euros, i dont think it would cost that muchh and even if it does i am not bothered, because i live in the uk the ps3 games will aonly be £10 pounds more expensive than the 360 games and i dunno y u are complaining about price when u have to pay for x-box live.

and froza 2 wont kick any ass but GOW will kick some ass but not all...u know what fanboys like the real deal and the mart are really putting me off the 360, they are constantly on this ps3 articles dissing the console but they never seem to play their x-box 360 so that only means that they are bored with it and not entertained at all.

TheMART5399d ago

Ofcourse Forza 2 s*cks, that's why this inengine trailer is so fingerlicking good

AuburnTiger5398d ago (Edited 5398d ago )

In game my A$$, why don't you take a closer look at that trailer. Mart you have issues.

THE TRUTH5399d ago (Edited 5399d ago )

Then do it Mart go ahead and disprove anything "I" have said! but I didn't say this I just post the news good or bad!

Your lack of knowlegde about The CELL RSX and blu ray is just funny. I see NO REASON why you even post your empty thoughts. Not only do I have NO respect for you as a gamer, you have no respect for yourself! If you had any idea of how ignorant you make yourself look by Spending you every free moment on this site trying to bash the PS3 you "might" respect yourself enough to either get the information correct or find a differnet subject to waste your life on.

You and THE REAL DEAL make fools of yourselves everyday and ANY non biased gamer could easily point that out!

TheMART5399d ago

Please look at yourself before judging others.

Your comments are never supported by facts man. Don't even get the Real Deal into it, he gives multiple links to support. I give you facts also. You only get stuck in: Cell is the best, Blu Ray is the best, the spec's of the RSX are not even out yet.

Indeed: all your opinions. The spec's of the RSX are not even out yet. That would worry me for a console that has to be sold in less then 5 months from now.

It sounds if they would try to hold back specs because on comparing it would fail. Just like Nintendo is with holding Wii spec's because they don't wanna be compared to the power of next gen consoles.

Just face it. Sony is always overpromising and underdelivering

jedicurt5399d ago

you said that you only make statements that are backed with facts, but yet you state that the RSX specs are not yet released, and so then you say that they aren't because they don't want to be compared to the other consoles. you then go on to say that sony is "overpromising and underdelivering", yet you offer no facts to back this statement up.

you crack me up

achira5399d ago

sony delivered more than ms. look at graw trailers at e3 2005 and than at the final game. 100% difference, the final game cant reach the trailer in any aspect. ms is the one who overhypes the most and delivers only bs.

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