Gears of War 3: How will it end?

Let's talk about megatons. On Monday night, Epic main man Cliff Bleszinski revealed "the worst kept secret in the games industry", namely: Gears of War 3. The internet exploded, and with good reason. We love Gears. We love its ball-busting blockbuster action and its gory chainsaw-splitting combat. Time to rejoice! But not without a hint of sadness. As we digested the various press releases and forum posts, we learned that Gears of War 3 will end the "current story arc". So, this is it. The end. Sniff.

So, thought it would be fun to clash its Lancers and come up with a few fantasy endings to the Gears of War trilogy. They're not serious, so don't spam them with "that's dumb lol you noobs" comments.

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X_GAMER_X3108d ago

Credit will show up. Like every game

heihoosilver3108d ago

my first thougt too.
this time no music in credits, just to be diferent... /joke.
When i finish the game i will see how it ends.

BattleAxe3108d ago

Master Chief will end up getting killed at the end.

jammy_703108d ago

finds out his real dad is the milk man...... the end

DOMination3108d ago

I don't know how it will end but I do know it'll be through the medium of outstanding storytelling just like the first two.

mal_tez923108d ago

Gears of war is one of those games.

However, if they improve the storytelling and make the characters feel more natural and believable, rather than just agressive meatheads, then I wiould care about the story. It's not too late for me to care about marcus.

Lifendz3108d ago

Spoiler (I guess)

Aliens get a cold and die? Give me a break!

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The Time Reaper3108d ago

Hopefully with a better finale than Halo 3 or Gears 2? Both were great games with weak finales IMHO.

peeps3108d ago

yeh, gears 2 ending was v poor compared to 1 tbh, especially the boss fight. was so so easy compared to raam

Kingdom Come3108d ago

I'm guessing that Marcus & Dom will go out of their way to save Cera (even though the COG has disbanded) defeating the Locust after finding Adam Fenix (most likely revealed as the creator of the Locust) using a failsafe. Due to the strong emphasis on Marcus and Dom the "Brothers" is refering to them most likely suggesting the death of one of them. Karen Travis will most likely come up with something better...
Can. Not. Wait!

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The story is too old to be commented.