Syphon Filter 5: The Rebirth of a classic?


I have been playing Syphon Filter for PS1 and enjoying the Old Skool gem. I mean, the game literally came out of nowhere and was in my opinion the Splinter Cell of that generation.

Now I keep getting little strains rumors here and there regarding the development of this game and cannot hope more than I am that its true. After going through one again and really getting caught up

that world again, I can' t help but think how much of a success this game could be if given a PS3 outing?

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Dylantalon13108d ago

syphon filter 5 would be amazing on the ps3

ShinMaster3108d ago

I love the series. They really need a new one and on the PS3 this time!
Come on Sony Bend, make it happen!

Official General3108d ago

Straight up classic, brilliant, fun and memroable. The PS3 needs this, it really does.

clinker3107d ago

Yeah, this game will be an awesome addition to the PS3 library. I predict we will hear about it soon, maybe even at this year's E3!