Fruit Ninja Details and Release Date

resumeplay writes: "Fruit Ninja seems like a great game that will fit perfectly on the iPhone melding addictive and simple gameplay for quick bursts of gaming. Made by the Australian company Halfbrick who just recently released Rocket Racing for the PSP"

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smashly3112d ago

Seems like another game i'll enjoy on the go. Love my iPhone for stuff like this.

brandynevils3112d ago

Should be worth my .99 cents

SKGamer3111d ago

Even if the game itself isn't great, at that price, it's worth it for the joke factor.

sdoodguy013112d ago

Sounds interesting... I'll bet it's quite colorful and entertaining! Can't wait to see what it's like.

Baross20253112d ago

If only I had an iPhone... quick games like this would be perfect for my hectic life.

SKGamer3111d ago

Don't need an i-Phone, any i-Pod Touch will play all of the same games. You can get a new one for like $150 these days, about the same price as a larger-storage Nano. Worth the investment, imo.

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