Want Something Sweet For Reach? Play Halo 2 Today

GT: In just a couple of hours the original xbox live service for the xbox is going the way of the dinosaurs. Microsoft decided to terminate the online service for all the original xbox games after 7 years to help build a better live service for the xbox 360.Halo 2 is still one of the most played online games of the original service and to congratulate every Halo 2 player Bungie has promised something sweet for everyone who plays Halo 2 before xbox live dies tonight.

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movements3109d ago

Everything must come to end : (

darthv723108d ago

even cold november rain

IdleLeeSiuLung3108d ago

I hope I can get this content in other ways, since I don't have access to my copy of Halo 2 right now. My gamertag has never been used on the original Xbox or Halo 2, since I played it offline on my original Xbox!


DecoyOctopus3108d ago

Just played my first and last game of Halo 2 multiplayer! only played offline on my original xbox and only played halo 3's online on 360 but i wanted to try it before it's gone... i think halo 3's online is better but it's still kinda sad that they have to shut it down after all these years

mjolliffe3109d ago

Real shame, but now it's time for LIVE on 360 :)

GiantEnemyCrab3108d ago

Now they can finally expand the friends list. I hear supporting Xbox 1 was the reason it is capped at 100.

DirtyLary3108d ago

Being mostly a Sony fanboi, I'm looking forward to REACH online. Please bring it Bungie.

Dr Face Doctor3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Apparently 14 is a couple of hours now.

cruckel3108d ago

I got work and more stuff I have to do, and won't be able to get on till after 9pm CT.

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The story is too old to be commented.