Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Is Natal Enabled

According to french video games website Jeuxvideo, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will be playable using Project Natal. The first person shooter from Ubisoft is supposed to have a special game mode that will allow movement recognition, controller aim mixed with hand gestures to control the interface and the ability to give commands by wrist directed movements.

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Natsu X FairyTail3112d ago

"the aim being to keep the joystick in one hand and interact with the interface with your other paw. It is even possible to give orders through different types of movements directed by the wrist. You can imagine"

Sounds Nice!

SpaceSquirrel3112d ago

That's interesting. It hope it's not required though.

whateva3112d ago

He said that it would use Natal!

mjolliffe3112d ago

Sure, as long as it isn't required.

green3112d ago

It's the hybrid (Natal + Controller) integration that if done right could produce some astonishing result for core games. I have loved every single Ghost Recon game and i am so looking forward to this. E3 2010 is going to be amazing.

fox023112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Fable, Ghost Recon, Gears, Mass Effect, THQ's AAA game, Oblivion/Fallout, Peter's, Rare... Natal is going to kick ass.

I can't wait to play future RTS games with Natal and controller.

siyrobbo3112d ago

tom clancy games have always been quite innovative, using voice commands in rainbow 6 and such forth. Never tried it, but apparently ENDWAR was playable entirely with a mic, without the need to use a controller at all

JokesOnYou3112d ago

"bu, bu, but, you cant make a FPS with natal"

"all Natal games will have you flailing your arms around and jumping behind the couch"

"how can a dev even make a shooter with Natal?"

"damm its too bad the only thing Natal is going to bring is party mini-games, and Riccochet type BS"

- ha, ha karma is such a beeeatch the more they hate on 360/Natal the more reality just keeps making them look stupid, 360 has an onslaught of quality games out and more coming and Natal is getting so much interest from devs/media/fans, while "wii-move" is relegated to its biggest interest being "funny" commercial made by sony. lol ps3 is a great console I own one, but 360 is the all around best gaming console available, and it keeps getting better.


Christopher3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

After my experience with gesture-issued commands, here's how I imagine my first day in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

*flips wrist to the right to emote need to converge on the designated point*

"Here's the coffee your requested, Sir!"

*flips wrist to the right again to emote need to converge on the designated point*

"Eliminating designated target, Sir!" *NPC shoots squad member in back of head*

*flips wrist to the right again to emote need to converge on the designated point*

"More coffee for you, Sir!"

*performs facepalm gesture*

"Understood Sir, mission a failure. Wiping all evidence of our presence." *places and sets a 5 second timer on bomb... everything goes black...*

Screen: "Replay scenario?"

BYE3112d ago

Hopefully the PS3 version doesn't get toned down by 15% in order to make it equal to the Natal version.

inveni03111d ago

Isn't this the same as Move? How are you going to aim? Does this mean GR will also be Move compatible? If so, which would be better?

Cueil3111d ago

this game is perfect for a hybrid... giving silent commands using standard NATO signs

Christopher3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Don't think using gestures will be an improvement over regular controller use since instead of hitting a direction on the d-pad, you're now moving your whole arm to your side and performing the signal, and then you have to put your hand back to the controller.

While I think Natal can be useful, I do believe that going in with the standard controller for use with it is a problem since you can't use all of the functions of the controller while performing the necessary gestures.

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Omega43112d ago

Another hardcore game using both Natal and a controller, this will likely become the norm when its released.

Can definitely see ME3 having Natal support too.

peeps3112d ago

hopefully. which other hardcore games gonna use natal though?

Mr Logic3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Wasn't the whole point of Natal to be "Controller free entertainment" or did I just imagine that being said over and over at last year's E3?

Plus, is it really worth taking 15% of the CPU for a small additional game mode that is pretty much tacked on?

Eamon3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Well, these are third parties innovating with the peripherals in their own way. Also, to keep you up to date, the chips have been put back so Natal's processing will not be solely dependent on the xbox 360.

Just because MS are trying to market the product to casual audience by saying Controller Free, it doesn't mean game developers are restricted to that.

Stop complaining. We all know hybrid works best for the core gamers.

8thnightvolley3112d ago

this is really gd news at least we can see natal going for hardcore games too and this is just the beginning so more of this is good ... a game using the traditional controller and the natal would have endless possibilities in control options and and even greater level of impersion of gameplay... this is really gd news

natal FTW.

Qui-Gon Jim3112d ago

What they were talking about is "removing the controller barrier." Controllers are intimidating to casuals, so taking away that barrier by introducing a controller-free experience opens up the market more. I don't think they've ever said that controllers are going to go away, they just stressed the controller-free stuff because it's the stand-out feature of their product.

Christopher3112d ago

My _only_ issue with hybrid with Natal is it requires, when making a gesture, that one hand has to leave the controller.

My issue with gesture-based implementation on its own is how easy it is for them to be misread or accidentally read into by general movement. I'm not sure many gamers are ready for the imposed restrictiveness that comes with gesture-based gaming.

Eamon3111d ago

cgoodno, that's nothing to do with hardware.

As demonstrated, Natal is pretty accurate even up to finger movements.

It's software that will do all the understanding. And that can be patched over and over again if neccessary.

Qui-Gon Jim3111d ago

There has been some conflicting reports about the sensitivity. I have seen articles that say Natal can detect finger movements, and I have seen articles saying that it doesn't. We'll have to wait until we have more information.

Also, One thing most people are not realizing about Natal, though, is that it doesn't HAVE to use the 3D imaging. It has a RGB camera that can be used for more limited functions without having to use as much system resources. Those things could also be used with the PSEye on multi-platform titles.

Cueil3111d ago

imagine a melee using your elbow or 3D Head Tracking especially when playing and FPS and looking out a window or peeking out a corner

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Kal11383112d ago

This is the way, imo, for hardcore games, like shooters, to use Natal. As something extra, but not required. It sounds cool. Of course they'll have to have some cool Natal only games in order for people to buy it, because I doubt anyone would by it for Ghost Recon for example.

Gamer7l3112d ago

I called this AGES ago. It's the natural progression of the series, and ties into what Ubisoft Montreal had done with the R6V games, using voice commands and in-game "hand motions".

Halo3 MLG Pro3112d ago

Absolutely amazing. This game was made for NATAL. Sending your troops with hand gestures is just genius. Just frees up the controller for other functions.

This is Play Beyond!!!! :)

3112d ago
PeptoBismol3112d ago

its called being a PS360 owner, best of both worlds

maybe you 2 retards will realize one day that your fanboyism was in vain.

Halo3 MLG Pro3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Yup. You can tell from the amount of bubbles for 360 owners that the sony fanboys are getting frustrated and mad. I never waste my time with disagrees or bubbles. I seen 360 fans give well informed comments with over 100 disagrees. LOL! Insecure sony fanboys :)

I don't need to own both consoles. My 360 more than takes care of all my gaming needs. :)

i3eyond the Circle3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

unless you've been in my house and looked at my entertainment system please STFU.

Telling someone that they don't have something over a computer, is as RETARDED as it gets friend.

@halo i know man lol. if it wasn't so vivid i wouldn't even care it'll be just good ol' n4g but ever since that alan wake trailer and the panic it caused and the useless attempts of trying to downplay it because its cutscenes are video files (made in engine created with 360 hardware)making that little 1 day tirade fall short.

green3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

"Good to hear that the lag times have reduced significantly. I am sure that the lag with multiple people on screen will be reduced come launch. Now, its to wait and see if they can deliver on the softwear front".

65 disagrees and 45 agrees. I did not mention the ps3 once or talk about the opposition but they just cant stand the fact that any positive thing can be said about the 360.

dazzalfc3112d ago

Yay, lets all give each other high fives and have bum sex!

Seriosuly, any 'fanboy' of any system is a complete retard, whether its Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo/Apple/ Lady GaGa or whoever/whatever. Its beyond a joke that people cannot either give a) constructive critisism or b) constructive praise without getting a ton of abuse back.

The reason you guys above me get abuse is because your way off centre with 3/4's of what you say. Bumming Micrsoft/Sony or whoever for every single thing they do is plain stupid. People are already praising Natal to high heavens without even experiencing a decent non staged demo, let alone actually getting they're hands on it. Its even beginning to do my head in seeing people cheer when console A gets a certain exclusive or feature (or even removing of a feature). You guys who do that aren't gamers, your argumentative individuals, trying to justify a purchase by any means necessary.

Its no problem to own just one console or like one console, but forcing opinions down peoples throats, believing that one company can do no wrong and praising every little thing like its the coming of Jesus is mind boggling. Also labelling anyone who has even the slightest difference of opinion as a 'fanboy' is fecking stupid.

As for Natal, well i'm not up on motion control anyway. I prefer a physical product in my hands rather than none, and i do worry that alot of games, whilst they may work well using Natal, would be a whole lot better with a controller. The whole 'hybrid' stuff seems like a good and better direction for these types of games, but surely all of that could have been done (although with slightly less accuracy) with the Vision camera? And whilst it adds something new to games, do i really want an extra peripheral just so i can wave my hands about like giving orders aswell as move a controller about? I can already press a shoulder button/ dpad direction to give orders anyway so why would i need this? So i can look 'cool' whilst doing it?

The term 'Less is more' springs to mind when it comes to motion tech. I'll personally be waiting for E3 to see the real stuff, before i roll over and take one up the crapper from Micrsoft like half of this site already have done

Qui-Gon Jim3112d ago

Bubbles to you for your thoughts on fanboys. The only thing you maybe should have added is that the PS3 fanboys are also making judgements about Natal without having seen anything substantive.

I find it suspicious that Microsoft has kept very tight control over who sees Natal and in what conditions, but Microsoft always holds their hand close to their vest and might have a blow-out E3 by showing things that people think are impossible. Or Natal could be a huge, laggy mess. Let's just wait until we see something real.

Sheikh Yerbouti3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

this is much like Move implementation in SOCOM. PS3 players will be able to play it with the Move too.

Still this will be an important jump not only in the game controls. Look forward to hearing more games for both.

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