Chopin Getting a Guitar Hero-Style Music Game

VGChartz writes: "Classical piano pieces... vocal perfromances and rock arrangements of Chopin's music" in a Guitar Hero-style rhythm game? Yep!

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ClownBelt3113d ago

Chopin is the pimp masta. He already got Eternal Sonata, and now he'll get a rhythm game. I mean, where's the Beethoven game?

monkpunk13113d ago

Holy crap, what next gregorian monk hero, yodel hero, tribal drum hero or choir boy hero i think trumpet hero would blow though.

SactoGamer3112d ago

Oddly enough, I might actually want to give a game like this a try.

Ironfungus3112d ago

God, these games are so damn stupid. Why the hell waste your time when a real instrument is just around the corner, and basically for the same exact price that they're overcharging for one of these trivial toy instruments?

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