Top 5 Best-Selling PS3 Exclusive Titles To Date

More than 3 years after the PlayStation 3's release, the system continues to amaze many with its incredible video game library. Uncharted 2, God of War 3 and Heavy Rain are just some of the latest PS3 games that have sold well in 2009 and 2010. But from the time of the PS3's release in 2006 and today, there have been 5 PS3 exclusive games that have sold more than any other PS3 exclusive. Here are the top 5 best selling PS3 exclusive games to date.

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stonecold13109d ago

uncharted 2 gt5 prologue killzone 2 motorstorm god of war 3 heavy rain

Joule3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

they never update ps3 titles.

Konami reported that mgs4 was past 5 million so im guessing around 5.3 mil.
littlebigplanet should have around 3.7 mil because game of the year edition wasnt included.

GT5:P is 4.5 million based on sony reports.

Sony said uncharted 2 was 3.5 mil like 3 months ago so 3.7 to 3.9 mil by now.

im pretty sure resistance is at 4 million.

GOW3 will be up here soon.

Who said ps3 exclusives dont sell?

Yeah I understand what your saying. But the only exclusives that sell like hotcakes for xbox360 is gears and halo. I mean c'mon tell me another exclusive xbox game that even passed 4 mil besides those. And yet people say one million for the first week on a playstation exclusive is bad, and its not. I see it on n4g all the time,"wow 1 mil in one week halo sold 3 mil in one day" its pathetic. But yeah tell me another exclusive past 4 mil on the 360 then we can talk.

@Noctis Aftermath
You see I remembered reading that somewhere, you're right.

-Alpha3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

The "PS3 exclusives don't sell" fiasco happened as a response to "Killzone 2 is the Halo killer" nonsense. PS3 exclusives sell well enough, but for some reason their exclusives are unjustly not as recognized as they should be. Lately that's turned around. They just don't match Xbox numbers, even with multiplats. Of course, the PS3 has a smaller install base so that's expected.

And if Prologue can sell that much imagine the real deal.

Resistance and Motorstorm were also bundled with PS3s.


I agree, Killzone 2 should have sold more. The advertisement was piss poor and wasn't even done by Sony. GG did it, and it was so horrible. It didn't explain ANYTHING to new gamers or potential buyers. Thankfully the new PS3 ads have done the games well. I really hope K3 ads are better, this is what they should have used:

Philaroni3108d ago

@El Jugador

It is not so much that they do not sell its that Xbox Games sell much more. With that said Sony's best selling game GT5 has yet to come out. It is the only game in the industry that can meet Halo Numbers. (Exclusive wise.)

PS3 games don't have that uber sales spike day one. I was still under the impression LBP was only at 1.5 million still. Over time they sell though, people only look at week one sales then it drops from the news.

Though games like Killzone 2 and R2 should have should much better, same with Infamous.

Anyway I can talk about it all day. Its more the fact Xbox has a 8 Mill+ lead on the PS3 in the USA. And most games are focused on that market. Sony's 4-5 Million systems in Japan mean Little for games like Killzone, R2 and Infamous.

ClownBelt3108d ago

WTF? Motorstorm? Really? Is it really that big of a franchise?

Noctis Aftermath3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

VGchartz numbers..... GT5 prologue was last counted as 4.65million sold according to Polyphony Digital and that was in december 09.


Also as others have mentioned, MGS4 has sold over 5million copies.


KiRBY30003108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

you're right, uncharted 2 should be somewhere around 4 millions right now.

MGS4 already sold 5 millions. konami announced it 2 month ago.

"In Konami’s Fiscal Year 2010 3rd Quarter Financial Results, the publisher reveals that Snake’s latest has sold over five million copies and has become PS3’s best-selling exclusive title."

vgchartz numbers arent accurate. why would anyone write an article about best selling games and not use any official numbers is beyond my comprehension.

Hank Hill3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

"Resistance and Motorstorm were also bundled with PS3s"

Wasn't Halo 3, Gears 1, Gears 2, and Fable 2 all bundle with the Xbox?

EDIT: Correct me if I'm wrong, but only Halo and Gears sell more than PS3 exclusives.

-Alpha3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Good point, I forgot about that. But immediate sales for 360 exclusives still tend to be much higher and popular than those for PS3 titles like Motorstorm. Also, titles like Gears and Halo are still enjoyed immensely while Motorstorm and Resistance aren't: the point being that those titles are surprisingly high on the list. Considering that they were launch titles its expected

SnuggleBandit3108d ago

Barring gears and halo, there's forza at almost 4 million, fable 2 at 3.5, and left 4 dead at just over 2.5

The only reason people say that games sell more on the 360 is because of Halo and gears...oh and another shooters by the name of modern warfare.

stonecold13108d ago

vgcharts they are way of the mark and never been reliable source

Kantor3108d ago

You can't know that VGChartz isn't reliable, because there is no 100% accurate source to compare it to.

Ju3108d ago

I still believe the difference lies in the diversity of the user base. While PS3 gamers like shooters, I would believe it is a lower percentage compared to 360 gamers.

That said, the genre portfolio on the PS3 adds more competition to shooters, while they sell the most, do not match the numbers on the 360. If you look at the top sellers there, they are all shooters.

If you look at these top 5, it is very apparent. Little Big Planet, MotorStorm and GT5P on the list. I miss FF-XIII and UC2, and now GoW3. But even games like Heavy Rain - very unusual game - sold very well.

This is a very diverse list compared to Halo, Gears and ?? not sure what else is there (Fable II etc, are in PS3 regions). Well, yeah, more shooters like CoD, or even BC2, etc.

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monkpunk13109d ago

Metal gear solid is of course number 1 and rightly so....

Truly epic game that deserves so much more than it has already received.

My personal favorite game ever...

NateNater3108d ago

So if GT5P has sold 3.67 million copies GT5 should sell a lot more :)

Hopefully Uncharted 2 and GoW3 will end up in the top 5 some day. Those 2 titles are experiences unlike any other game out there, excluding Uncharted 1 and the other GoW games :P

Pennywise3108d ago

GT5 will sell double that.

cmrbe3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

GT5 will come out when double the installbase of PS2 when GT3 came out.

GT5 is going to set a new benchmark in the GT series which in other words will set a new bench mark in gaming.

bnaked3108d ago

GT5 will be bigger than all other GT-games. It will be the dream of all racing fans.. 10-15 millions..

Danja3108d ago

cant see GT5 selling more than 8-10 million..... 8 million sounds more likely .... GT to me has lost some of its power and it will do well in Europe and Japan , but North America sales will be around 2.5 million

Theonik3107d ago

Thing is that it is not the US that is the ones with PS3s it is the EU and Japan. *dramatic music*

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MajestieBeast3108d ago

Well uncharted 2 and gow3 are bound to kick someone of the list.

cmrbe3108d ago


cmrbe3108d ago

All wrong?. MGS4 at number 1 wrong?.

lol!. Sorry if i don't follow PS3 game sales like you x360 fans do with game sales. Game sales dosent give me an orgasm like it does for you x360 folks. I don't feel validated like you folks do if i bought a game millions other bought on day 1 lol.

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