Brink Dev Says Xbox360 Can Handle Gigs Of Textures On Screen

Xbox360 has received another leap in graphics thanks to this new technology called " Sparse Virtual Texturing " from the creators of BRINK. BRINK's in-game graphics are so close to the cinematic trailer that even Crytek will have to take notice and be ready to show off how Crysis 2 can run on the 360 in comparison.

This game is seriously looking like a hit and Creative Director Richard Ham sheds alot more light on what we can expect from this ground breaking FPS.


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Hanif-8763976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

In that case i guess that the PS3 can handle terabytes of textures on screen :-)

Icyhot3976d ago

On screen yes, but what about offloading the things onto a DVD causing space issues? High Res textures require a lot of space, although both consoles are capable of producing it, the amount of space it takes thats an issue and not loading it onto the screen.

PS3 exclusive like GOW3 and UC2 have a lot of high res textures (All GOW3 main character models use 2048x2048 res textures) yet, many parts of the game still have low res textures.. Think about it, GOW3 is nearly 40GB yet you can't put all High Res Textures in it.. All the best with a DVD.. Also, making more detailed textures= Extra time+Money... Something 3rd party devs don't really spend upon... So unless you have 1st party pushing the boundaries, games will have medium res textures (1024x1024).

Rock Bottom3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

But then they will have to stick with five screens per DVD. ;p

Also, can anyone explain to me how can a 512MB RAM system handle Gigs worth of textures on screen? it just... Sooooo Hiphop gamer.

lokiroo4203976d ago

LMAO this guy is truly clueless on this subject, just check the video at 5:48, crazy son, he is truly an embarrassment.

AAACE53976d ago

You really need to put that screen you keep looking at right under the camera. When you keep looking off to the side it makes you look like you don't have a clue what you are doing. Nice music though... adds a nice touch to the atmosphere!

captain-obvious3976d ago


the heck is vidicle ??

Mo0eY3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

I'm glad to see Brink pushing graphical development forward.

Edit: Flamebait title by the way. Hiphopgamer states that it works on all three systems.

Edit 2: Here's a video of this Sparse Virtual Texture back in 2008:

Apparently it's a spin off of Carmack's Megatextures.

JonnyBadfinger3976d ago

I honestly cant tell the difference between the Graphics of UC2 and JC2... to me they are near identical.

Sure call me and idiot, im cool with that, its actually the first name i was given before given my real name (My dads first words upon seeing me were "look at that idiot!"... so im told). But just because you disagree with me doesnt mean im wrong. Im more impressed with art-styles... which is why i like Gears of War, starting to get turned off by Halos art-style (liked it back when it was all Forerunner based like back in Halo: CE) Killzones artstyle was different like the industrial look it had going. but Brink reminds me of ShadowRun but with CGI like graphics... but not as good as CGI...if that makes any sense.

Those who thought the 360 is maxed out and that it has been for ages is just a complete nufnuf, as Bethesda have proven compression techniques are constantly improving with means they can compress more and more data to fit on less disk space, Which will ultimately probably still work out in favour of Blu-ray (even more space freed up).

Its good to see a developer actually take the time to make an effort to do this sort of work, and help make games of the future better by sharing the techniques with everyone.
Kudos to Bethesda.

FangBlade3976d ago

I think it's Video Article

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3976d ago

Every video that I've seen of this game has looked awesome.
Crazy graphics with a very unique and cool style to it.

Can't wait to play it.

Venatus-Deus3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

“I honestly cant tell the difference between the Graphics of UC2 and JC2... to me they are near identical.”

…That’s because you haven’t played U2.

I hate all these magnify using graphics freaks and much as the next gamer, but that’s just silly talk.

evrfighter3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

Ah right his last few have been pro-sony. In order to keep the hits and degrees rolling its time for the classic 180.

I'm amazed you guys here haven't caught on yet.


its not a video article it's a vidicle article....get it right

sid4gamerfreak3976d ago

"Brink Dev Says Xbox360 Can Handle Gigs Of Textures On Screen"

Oh really? Hmm this looks interesting...
*reads the source*


vhero3976d ago

OMG he gone back to being a 360 fanboy now the ps3 exclusives have finished being released and its 360s turn?? This guys colours change so fast its unbelievable and its not like he is even in the middle he acts like a fanboy of both consoles. I used to respect the guy but then he became a fanboy and then made it 10X worse switched sides and not even once! the guy cannot make his mind up!

bnaked3976d ago

Maybe Brink looks same as good as Killzone 2 on screenshots! But in motion, Brink has no chance.. There is nothing going on on screen..

JonnyBadfinger3976d ago

just because you have Elmo as your avatar doesnt mean anything you say is taken with any credibility or seriously. Personally i think the muppet that lives in the rubbish bin is of a high intelligence level then most people on this site... including myself.

And i have played Uncharted 2, i played for a solid 10mins...roughly, then decided a game of darts is more interesting(but i did watch about half the game, lost all interest when i saw the blue ape things in shorts). Played the Multiplayer for about 3 hrs though, which was alright but Gears of War 1 trumps it.

i wear my idiot crown loud and proud boys. Funny how if anyone says anything remotely pro 360 and anti PS3 it results in disagrees and loss of bubbles, but who cares its a site where fanboys can be fanboys...even if there is a 2 fat twins on the other end of the fanboy see-saw. take that which ever way you want but you know which side im talking about.


Deadly Spartan, yeah, thats all you can do is guess, lol!

DaTruth3976d ago

Compression is not good!

kneon3976d ago


One of the main issues I have with Gears is the art style, I just can't stand it. And From what I've seen of Brink so far I'm going to have the same problem with that game.

Venatus-Deus3976d ago

You think that one of the highest rated games of any generation is less interesting than a game of darts?

There is also a difference between being pro 360 and anti PS3. What I find strange is that as men we have the capacity to embrace both consoles. I’m seriously starting to wonder if the true definition of a fanboy is…

… a guy who would turn down a threesome with Megan Fox and Jennifer Alba just because the one has bigger boobs than the other.

There are pros and cons to both systems and games, yet I think that U2 being the graphics king of consoles is pretty undisputed by most gamers, publications and sites. No matter what you say, your 10 min experience (probably on an SD TV) is never going to change that.

nycredude3976d ago


You said it yourself, your're an idiot, and then you proceed prove it. How is anyone supposed to take your comment seriously? First of all this artical has nothing to do with JC2 or UC2.

Second I have both games, play UC2 2 times in one weekend, and I just starting playing JC2 yesterday. So far I love it but if you can't see the difference then you are lying or just being a retard. The Gears games have a better chance against UC2 than JC2, both not much of a chance. And on top of that you only played 10 minutes of UC2? ahahhaahahah you must have played the demo at a gamestop or something cause you obviously don't have a Ps3. I have both consoles and I have UC1 and 2 and Gears 1 and 2. Guess what UC 1 and 2 I still own and Gears 1 and 2 I sold cause they are crap overated games. JC2 on the other is insane fun, but no where near the quality of UC2.

kancerkid3976d ago

Most of the people don't understand what the hell this tech even does, so why are they commenting?

The textures are streamed from the HDD and use very little RAM.

This tech has been talked about for a while, remember Carmack? He has something called MegaTexture which is nigh on the same thing and already used in games.

kancerkid3976d ago

Website discussing Sparse Virtual Textures, fanboys who don't care about facts need not click:

k-Lan3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

Ha! What do you know. The first comment is from a paranoid PS fanboy. So defensive you people are. Yes, i'm grouping all of you in the same boat. The sadest gamers alive get sadder by the day. Poor babies. LOL! I seriously can't wait for E3.

@ nycredude

"play UC2 2 times in one weekend"

LOL! Great exciting life you got there! Omfg that's funny. Let me guess, you were in your boxers and a pair of white socks pulled up to your ankles and all that time thinking you're the man?

Sheikh Yerbouti3975d ago

I know everyone loves to hate HHG, but he's dead on here about SVT technology.

Sparse Virtual Texturing allows large textures with less RAM, by only using what is needed, streaming textures from the HDD, and using pixel shaders to virtually map textures.

This isn't new either. The problem for me is saying Gigs of texture. To me it only simulates having Gigs of texture. Unlike some, I don't claim to be an expert, so it may be accurate since XBox is a monster at decompressing textures (It has to be.)

Heisenberg3975d ago

You have a lot of nerve calling ANYONE a fanboy with the kind of fanboy garbage you spew:

JonnyBadfinger writes: "And i have played Uncharted 2, i played for a solid 10mins...roughly, then decided a game of darts is more interesting"

Cry about losing bubbles, and keep telling yourself the only reason anyone could possibly disagree with sound statements like the one above is because they are fanboys... Or maybe they just recognize your immense stupidity and hypocrisy.

tplarkin73975d ago

I'm not going to watch 22 minutes of chit-chat for 1 minute of info.

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Bigpappy3976d ago

Then I noticed the source and went. Shyt!

WildArmed3976d ago


I was like, oh wow, theres something that can qualify as news..
and then.. i clicked the link..
dun dun dunnnn

I just dont like video blogs/news posts. I prefer written articles.

Eiffel3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

Sadly for HHG his grammar and spelling is sub par and is the pity of all the second graders, so he has to stick with his videos which he refers to as "Vidicles"(Jesus..) Even with the videos he manages to destroy the English language and deteriorate the urban culture by acting like the generic stereotype he makes himself out to be.

lokiroo4203976d ago

eiffel that was brutal, lmao, cheers!

zeeshan3976d ago

Lol, this HHG dude looks like a character out of FALLOUT 3! Gangsta freak!

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ApocalypseShadow3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

"360 is powerful,but is bottle necked by dvd."

360 **COULD** handle gigs of textures onscreen,but is held back by dvd.

360 **MIGHT** be able to handle larger games,but is chained to the fence by dvd.

PS3 had a **CHANCE** to have larger multiplatform games with more content,but is lame ducked by 360's dvd.

PS3 is **STALLED** by 360 and games like ffxiii could have had towns and npcs and open worlds throughout the game,but is stymied by dvd........................and square.

coulda.......woulda.........s houlda.......

brink may turn out great.but as we have seen time and time again,it could have been greater as a ps3 exclusive because it holds more space on bluray and can handle **GIGS** of textures onscreen like 360.

the proof is in uncharted2 and killzone2 winning awards over any other console release in graphics.and anyone that says graphics don't matter.....go back and play tecmo bowl for awhile.then pull out NFL2k5 and tell me graphics don't matter.both have great gameplay but one has better graphics.if graphics didn't matter,we'd all run around chasing fat girls.

and yes,ps3 fans are well aware that pc can handle better graphics than ps3 as the latest cards can do i wouldn't want games to be dumb down to support you can understand that i and many others don't want our ps3 games dumb down to support 360 or wii.

but to some up HHG's **VIDICLE**....HAHAHA!!lol!... **VIDICLE**(what kind of sh!t is that?)......

bluray is needed.and 360 needed can still have fun games.but 360 NEEDED IT.and we are all suffering for it in one way or another.

Xi3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )


notice that the size of all the textures in that demo, it's a total of 318KB, and there's 1,048,576kb in a gigabyte... that's .000003% of a gigabyte.

also note that bungie is implementing a similar system for halo reach, named imposter tech, which also provides a form lod on polygons.

the 360 does not hold back the ps3, thinking it does is just fanboy fud.

ApocalypseShadow3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

and i've seen that tech a LONG TIME's awesome.

but hasn't helped 360 in the last 5 posting tech that 360 is barely using was a useless endeavor.remember those **awards** i was talking about?360 isn't winning ANY OF THEM since ps3 released on the market.

let's put it this way...more of those small files can fit more on a bluray disc than a dvd disc.

no matter how many you can fit on a 360 dvd,you can fit more on a ps3 bluray.

case closed buddy.

and if those dvd ports aren't holding back ps3,then it's the washed up developers who make games on 360 and try to port their games to ps3.or the foolish developers that make games equal across the board to make microsoft feel better.

ReBurn3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

Saying that the 360 holds the PS3 back is just FUD. There's absolutely no proof of it other than the anecdotal ramblings of fanboys who say it must be true because games haven't lived up to the hype they've bestowed upon them.

The only thing that holds the PS3 back is the unwillingness of third-party developers to make games that use the PS3 to it's fullest potential. Either that or it is just too expensive to create content to fill all of that storage space that Blu-ray provides. There's no rule that multiplat games have to be developed to satisfy the lowest common denominator. That's just a cop out. It comes down to money, not restrictions on creativity imposed by hardware. If it were all about creativity we'd see fewer multiplats and more third-party PS3 exclusives that take full advantage of everything PS3 has to offer.

ApocalypseShadow3976d ago

to say that games aren't being limited by 360 in even a small way,is just being foolish.

the proof is popping up every frickin day.

rage changed to smaller areas.not because of ps3.

lost planet changed.not because of ps3.

ffxiii for the first time doesn't have npcs and towns or even open worlds.not because of ps3.

gta4 dumb down to release on 360 and be the same.but you neglect that gta4,and all those dlcs can fit on one bluray disc.even san andreas had more content.

2k's baseball uniforms didn't fit on the disc.forza 3's game spread across discs and dlc.alan wake looking a whole lot smaller than the pc version now that it is on world?not anymore.but excused as design choice.forgot about that huh?wouldn't have happened on ps3.rpgs spread across discs.

i'll put it this way...any game made on 360 can be bigger on ps3.let's say gears of war fits on a 360 disc.just one.ps3 could hold both gears 1 and gears 2 on one can't win this argument as more space means more potential content.

ps3 developers don't seem to be being held back.that's why ps3 is winning the graphics awards now since uncharted 1 360 future game will ever out do the best ps3 game in graphics.even if both consoles pushed the same power.360 games have to be compressed on the disc and that brings the quality down.ffxiii is just proof.

but whatever you think.doesn't matter as no 360 game has proven superiority with dvd discs over bluray.

Biggest3976d ago

Of course the 360 isn't holding the PS3 back. ReBurn said it best himself. The problem is the third party developers. The first party developers are showing what the PS3 is currently capable of right now. They will be the people pushing it past the current level of capability. Half of what the PS3 is doing is head and shoulders above other consoles. The other half, given to you by those other guys, is less than expected. Oh well! That's why Sony has their own development studios.

kaveti66163975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Going by Apocalypse Shadow's logic, I could argue that the PS3 is gimped by its poor GPU.

Killzone 2 looks great, but it COULD HAVE looked better if the PS3 didn't have such a crappy GPU.

UC2 looks awesome, but it COULD HAVE looked better if the PS3 didn't have such a crappy GPU.


More third party developers WOULD HAVE supported the PS3, if Sony hadn't deliberately made it a b*tch to develop for.

Does the 360 hold back the PS3? Hell yeah it does. The 360 prevents the PS3 from dominating a market full of already brainwashed idiots who think console hardware is something to B*TCH ABOUT ON THE INTERNET!!!

The PS3 is still a 4 year old, day one outdated piece of hardware, shadow. Why you even muster up the strength to talk about something as irrelevant as this imaginary console war even today, is just mind boggling. Get a motherf*cking life.

ReBurn3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Sorry Apocalypse, but in all of the instances you mention the developer *made the choice* to not take better advantage of the PS3's hardware. They weren't forced by Microsoft to make compromises to the PS3 version. They could have made those games PS3 exclusive and made the games that they wanted to. They didn't because they wanted to make as much money as they could, not the best game that they could.

We can agree to disagree if you want. I just think that many of these developers don't deserve the pedestals they're put on by gamers.

And Biggest makes a great point. If the PS3 were being held back we wouldn't see the fantastic first and second party games we're seeing on the PS3. 2009 was absolutely amazing for PS3. Every third party developer could make games like that if they focused on a single piece of hardware. So they held themselves back.

Cueil3975d ago

The 360 was built with that in mind... Procedually Generated content is the future of gaming... if they can't get the tech to work this industry will choke itself to death

DevastationEve3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Shadow, the answer to the puzzle you've uncovered is thus:

Yes, your mother IS a whore. And yes the Xbox 360 is all that. Stop debating either fact.

DevastationEve3975d ago

Okay now let's get technical, shall we?

* when you think about computers and how they work you have to realize that there are multiple parallels of work being done. computers aren't handling 256mb of data and thats it; there are things like virtual address capabilities, pipeline efficiency and superscalar architecture.

* physically a bit is a bit and will never store more or less than one binary switch. virtually that switch can be anything to the computer when programmed. so developers can always come up with solutions; the popular expression being that "you can solve any problem with indirect approach"

* drawing gigabytes of textures isn't impossible. its just a new way to solve an old problem. bluray does nothing to solve the problem pass just being a big enough empty space to not be on multiple discs.

* as games become increasingly complex it won't matter how much data you can pack into a game if your developers don't feel the need to optimize their engine for better performance and resource utilization.

* ps3 games dont look any better than Xbox 360 games. all developers on each side have the same battle regardless of what the specs are. the only differences exist in how each developer takes their job and how they approach the task.

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ClownBelt3976d ago

I was expecting a good read, but...

sikbeta3976d ago

Hey! is Da Hiphopz Gamaar Showz

ArcFatalix3976d ago

look how he gains back credibility from 360 fanboys now.

Mo0eY3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

Around 16 minutes, HHG states that it's available for all three systems. He's just using the title to flamebait.

And here's a website for the technology being explained if anyone is interested:


and you'll be praising the article if he said the same thing about your console of choice.

please report all ps3 panty boys that troll 360 threads.