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swiftshot933109d ago

Ok, but about Irrational? Thats all I care about.

LordMarius3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Whoo! a shooter, we havent had one of those in a while, was starting to get worried.

Shang-Long3109d ago

Really tired of seeing shooters this gen..

evrfighter3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

hellz yah.

Shooters are always fine by me. they are the only genre with any replayability this gen. Add hundreds of hours if it's online.

EvilBlackCat3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

"By setting the game in a first-person perspective, players will be able to feel the tension and fear that comes with combating a faceless enemy that is violently probing and plotting its way into our world"

mmm? the only old xcom that i remember is this ( an old PC/PS1 game

@ Shang Long
Really tired of seeing RPG's this gen and for YEEEEEEEEEEEEAARRRS..



"Shooters are always fine by me. they are the only genre with any replayability this gen. Add hundreds of hours if it's online"

and he already have 7 disagrees (21 minutes of his comment)

- OH really "GAMERS" why is he wrong in his comment?

WOW i wonder who are those posers leaving disagrees because of that comment?

happyface3109d ago

2k really must hate the ps3?

Neo6043109d ago

I'll get PC version though.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3109d ago

I'm looking forward to hearing more about this game. It sounds like it could be cool.

I love FPS games, so there will never be "too many" of them in my world.

beardpapa3109d ago

the first xcom was great and I liked terror from the deep even though it was just like the first with different graphic set, but the third 'Apocalypse' was just a-ok.

The other xcom spinoffs were downright horrible and the squad-based fps concept was vaporware. Hopefully this goes back to that concept but do we really need another 'generic' fps? FPS games these days are turning into those cheap b-movies like Scary Movie 2,3,4, Epic Movie, Date Movie, etc. Little cost in development and big enough returns.

NewZealander3109d ago

its 2K, so as with the first bioshock this game will only be timed exclusive, even if they swear black and blue its exclusive like they did with bioshock i still wouldnt believe them.

Mo0eY3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Where did these people calling an exclusive grow up? I sure as heck don't want my future kids going to that school. The last I counted 1 console + 1 PC is 2 total. Two does not mean exclusive. In fact, I think several people should take a look at this list:

Bzone243109d ago

Your jealousy is showing mooey. I'm sorry it wasn't announced for favorite console.

captain-obvious3109d ago

if its 2K then its bioshock all over again

K-Gamer3109d ago

As long as people keep buying millions of copy's of Haloz, COD's, Gears, ... devs will keep making shooters.

Solidus187-SCMilk3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

LOL at little kids saying "another shooter" when they will rejoice over the mention of the many shooters on their system.

Im just interested to at least see more on this new x-com game as ive never new it was being made.

You people should be happy, I mean, everyone has a decent PC right?

k-Lan3109d ago

Mooey. Please do us all a favor and NEVER think of having kids. This world is dumb enough as it is.

MariusElijah "Whoo! a shooter, we havent had one of those in a while, was starting to get worried."

Shang-Long "Really tired of seeing shooters this gen.."

Pay attention to both these guys posts when Killzone 3 is announced. I call it now. THEY'LL LOVE SHOOTERS! SHOOTERS ROCK! Typical PS3 fanboys. Mark it down.

IMO, new shooters are always welcome as long as they're better then previous releases.

DOMination3109d ago

The message from publishers is clear; The PS3 is a disastrous waste of time, money and resources and this proves it - a massive franchise from the past returns and PS3 can't cope with it.

GiantEnemyCrab3109d ago

K-Lan your post is bookmarked and we will see where these folks are with KZ3 news. I bet you won't hear a peep about "oh booo another shooter". I know I won't be saying that when KZ3 is announced.

I will keep an eye on this to see how it turns out.

Shepherd 2143109d ago

Damage control is butt hurt that the 360 is getting a game that may be good.


torontoml3109d ago

You know that the PS3 has Rockstar's Agent as an exclusive right. Which is another studio that Take 2 publishes games for. So its one each then.

gta28003109d ago

They should change the tittle to "2K Games announces XCOM; New Xbox 360 beta" 360 users will basically beta test this. Just another game that will land on the PS3 months later with all bugs fixed and a bunch of extra content.

lowcarb3108d ago

Bioshock was inferior on PS3 so go ahead and wait. It's sad but lately all I'm hearing from Sony and it's fanboys are jabs at 360 and Wii. You guys go ahead and hate all you want because as long as huge announcements like this keep coming 360 gamers will be happy always.

blackmagic3108d ago

@ mooey

second definition of exclusive from the link you provided:

excluding much or all

I would say excluding Sony and Nintendo platforms is 'excluding much' of the industry which meets the definition of exclusive that you yourself posted... unless you don't think Sony and Nintendo platforms represent very much of the gaming industry I guess... *shrugs shoulders*

Christopher3108d ago

1. People who complain about this just being another shooter because it's on 360/PC only are idiots.

2. People who say this is another great exclusive for the 360 are idiots because there's nothing to judge at this time.

3. People who say this is just like Bioshock and the 360 will be the beta are idiots.

4. I'm sad to see that third-parties are still seeing the need to go exclusive like this. I think there's enough hardships in having to deal with the majority of exclusives that individual console owners can't play, to throw in big third-party development studio games into the mix is just a pain in the butt.

WildArmed3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Oh so I guess your saying its fine to release 3 Call of Duty games each year as long as they are FPS and have MP?

Wow.. great.

Excuse us 'gamers' that you gladly point out for wanting variety.

Games like ME2, Splinter cell, FF13, GoW3 need to come more often. I'm sick of having 20 generic shooters releasing each year, and we all know we are only going to be playing one of them (HALO REACH FTW!) ahem.. where was I..
I like a good mix of genres for gaming.
Recently i bought MAG n BC2.. i kinda regret getting Bc2, but MAG has been worth it.
But come this fall, i'll be putting down MAG for Halo Reach.

I dont need more than 2 FPS shooters per year.

So please spare me that, OMGZ MP = MILLIONS OF HOURS.. SO ITZ OKIEZ.

Coz I'm sick of getting 5 Haze's every year.

That being said, I'm looking forward to seeing how this game turns out. I hope it won't fall in the line of shooters I was just ranting about above.

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N4PS3G3109d ago

Suspense and Mystery-Filled First-Person Shooter from Creators of BioShock® 2

new game out of thin air, hell yeah!

kaveti66163109d ago

I thought Bioshock 2 was lame. The developers took the worst part of Bioshock 1 and made it into a full game.

JoelR3109d ago

1st they destroy Fallout with the non canonical fallout3 gameplay now Xcom... why! please keep some classic game play please please please!

Sheikh Yerbouti3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I thought XCOM was a turn-based strategy game.

JoelR3108d ago

don't like turn based strategy games?
I love em.

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Crusade3109d ago

lol 360 AND PC exclusive. I wonder if something can come "exclusively to PS3 and 360".

SnukaTheMan3109d ago

You that dense....or do you need it spelled out for you....????

ClownBelt3109d ago

I'm waiting for PS3 and Wii exclusive so screw you.

mikeslemonade3109d ago

PS3 and Wii exclusive is Red Steel and No More Heroes.

NMC20073109d ago

I just downloaded a No More Heroes trailer on Xbox Live yesterday, looks neat.

Critical_Hit3109d ago

So by your logic the game is also a PC exclusive. Good ol'PC the exclusives never stop coming.

Although turning XCOM into a FPS is a pretty bold move. It looks like they're gunning for a new audience :P. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out.

Perkel3109d ago

i'm waitinf for ps3/x360/pc/wii excluive game ;) lol

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Das_Bastardion3109d ago

And you bots will beta test it for us, or should I remember what happened to Bioshock?

Thank you very much

iMad3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

There is a trend coming. More and more PC/360 only exclusives on the way.
Mainly because PS3 have no tesselation unit and use no GPGPU...all modern 3D engines are being adapted under DX11 witch benefits more from using tesselation hardware unit and GPGPU in order to free GPU and CPU systems resorses. we now only need to use 2000 polygons to make a 20000 polygon scene...great amount of resourses are free now...Gears 3 was is no will see more at E3 and that it when PS3 will be finaly doomed. PS3 sales will decrize dramaticaly.

Thats is a good system. the best right now. and i bought one a mounht ago for Heavy rain and other exclusives. but overall not the best one and 360 will gain GFX lead soon. sony know all this and play all their cards now. but after e3 it is all over. psn will be paid servive and sales for sony will fail dramatically.

Lionhead3109d ago

@1.2 Excuse me while I eat your bubbles Mr. Delusional

AliTheBrit193109d ago


And yet the Xbox 360 version of BioShock looks better than the PS3 version

Seems you just get lazy ports to keep you happy...that must sting, cry more :)

Orange3109d ago

fcuk. here comes MS with a big bag o' money and none of their own ideas. grrr.

PopEmUp3108d ago

I know you wear glasses, but I suggest you use a magnifying glass from now on

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SnukaTheMan3109d ago

No please dont......why would it be so hard to make xcom a turn based it demographics thats saying it should be a shooter....I dont know but im not to happy about this....

zagibu3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

It's because the people owning the IP don't care about good games, they just want to make money.

Actually, it's quite a stupid move, because with this as FPS they ignore the XCom-fanbase and instead trade it in for a huge crowd of over-satisfied shooterfans who don't care one bit about the IP.

But yeah, reflections like these are too complicated for the people in power. They are more like "let's take another unused IP and turn it into a game. what's popular atm? FPS? ok, let's do it!".