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Rock Bottom3114d ago

Looks pretty much the same as the first one.

thereapersson3114d ago

If that's true, I hope they improve on their networking strategy in the sequel.

Overall the game is looking nice. Let's just see if this takes as long to release as the first game did. Maybe we'll get trophy and DualShock 3 support in this one...

lodossrage3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Actually, the online part is what everyone considers makes the game good. And what do you mean "this time"? WKC ALREADY has trophy support. Not to mention HOME support

Meryl3114d ago

looks like someone did not play the international version, it has ds3 and trophy support, not to mention GeoNet is the best part about this game.

Natsu X FairyTail3114d ago

looks the same but different cast of characters.

2Spock3114d ago

WKC 1.5 awesome......Level 5 needs to get their crap together.

Man In Black3114d ago

But I'm still disappointed that they haven't implemented that fighting system from the old E3 2006 trailer. It looked amazing, but they apparently changed it because of the online mode :/

joemayo763114d ago

was its combat i hated how enemies could hit even if u were far from them, the inability to move away from their attacks kinda felt like cheap shots

but yea geonet was a wicked feature

MNicholas3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Level-5 produced some really good graphics technology on the PS2 but they have failed to impress on the PS3.

It may be pleasant to look at but it's not technically impressive. From a purely technical standpoint, it's not in the same league as games like Uncharted 2, KZ2, or God of War 3.

Ravage273114d ago

In terms of systems, combat systems have evolved dramatically in terms of production

In this film, including director and the power-up effects, depending on the situation when talking and fighting moves for each character, "Talk Live" feature was added so that will be deployed realistic battle scenes.

The system has evolved not only surface production terms, progress in real-time battle command, in addition to the gauge faster action, the new command, such as a dash or charge, to enjoy a sense of exhilaration in battle more speedily I'll become that.

In addition, the appearance of new skills specific to each weapon. Therefore, the role of attacker and shields, and support offline / online, respectively in the fight, which clarifies the role of the character.

And so far, such as attack, magic, the fighting only to defend, counterattack and the concept of distance, the addition of elements such as timing of the liberalization of defensive players to fit the situation and change tactics skills that become important.

Block in the way of new monsters appear in the player!

Battle evolved not only better players, due to the appearance of new types of monsters, has now come to various attacks.

Example, or getting attacked by the minions of creating and unleash attacks ever lead to abnormal conditions, whether small or large and 体躯 monster, you'll have a new monster appeared with various threats.

Concept has also been improved because of the weakness of the enemy also seems important to bring certain weapons and attributes. However, further information about the combat system because its meaning is revealed in the future, let's hope the story.

Gue13113d ago

The online system of WKC was the best part of the game!

WildArmed3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

You got it the other way around.
The story campaign was lackluster w/ pretty much nothing but a straight story line to finish (which was pretty decent script/story).

the online is the only reason why I consider this a solid 8/10 (if not higher) game.
The reviewers didn't put enough time into it to realize how good it is.

Most of them didn't even get Guild Rank 7, which is not even the start of online gaming.

I'm not saying it doesn't have it's faults.. Geonet is sometimes unstable.. then sometimes the lobby system fails with no real 'search' option.
Other than that, i'm nearly 300 hours into the game and counting. About to hit Guild Rank 12.

I hope WKC2 fixes the alot of issues i had w/ the first, starting w/ a better single player campaign. (with side-quests and such)

I'm probably about 200 hours from the platinium trophy now (YES it has trophies)..
so i can get that WKC custome for home... i might actually log on to home for that.

um.. yes DS support would be nice in the next game.

Noctis Aftermath3113d ago

I hope they add in much better looking armor, the peasant style clothes they got going atm looks terrible.

Redempteur3113d ago

i agree .. but i found out that the best looking armor are the ones you get in new game plus ... before that point it's bland armors ..

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Shendow3114d ago

It might just look like the first one, but with all kinds of new tech coming out, I wouldn't be shock if they don't upgrade what it looks like but how long it is.

Shendow3113d ago

Disagree? Why would you disagree about it not looking better then the first one? God people just keep getting dumber -_-.

Baba19063114d ago

would be a bit dissapointing if the battlesystem stays the same. it was just a bit too easy and not very strategic.

Redempteur3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

play some GR7+ online quest ... you'll get the strategy you need ..if you think that " kind of the dragons" (GR6 quest ) will not require strategy , you're wrong ..

Most of the quests starting from GR5 require some teamwork if you want to ace them or some serious powerleveling ...

don't judge the game by the offline adventure ... that's just the first 20 hours of at least 400 if you want platinium ...

Meryl3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I cannot wait for WKC 2, please Level 5 get someone to help you bring this to Europe and the US faster this time.
@baba the battle system was fine, they said they are speeding it up, hopefully they will make this game harder as well.

chazjamie3114d ago

ja, this looks like crap. not much of an improvement. this is the only exclusive that steps back in the graphics department. pfft. not picking this trash up

radphil3114d ago

Way to not actually take the time to research up on the changes they did...

-Improved quicker battle times
-Story of 2nd one focuses on your character
-6 player parties
-Weather system which affects the region you're in


Redempteur3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

because graphics are everything , right ? right ??

For trivia : WKC1 are one of the few 1080p(native 1080p)rpg out there

Tarasque3114d ago

Maybe you forgot what article you was in or maybe you just lost your way with all the defending of the game you are doing. We are here to discuss the screens and compare to the previous title and i have to agree looks exactly the same. So the guy is posting his opinion on the graphics, cause lets not forget we are in a article with screens. And then you turn around and say all we care about is graphics right? right? Then what are screens for?

Speak2theHand3114d ago

Why does he have to do some research when all he is doing is commenting on some screens? Man most people on this site makes themselves look like retards most of the time.

Redempteur3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

sigh *

he called it trash ... seriously how can you guys agree that the game is trash ?? you must not have played the game really ....

First , graphics aren't everything especially in rpgs ..
Second, they actually added a bunch of thing graphicaly
Third , as i said , WKC was already one of the few native 1080p rpg before
Fourth, judging the game from these screen ( that are far from being ugly ) is ridiculous

If you think you can prove me wrong , be prepared , i can post my sources

ps: i must agree that i forgot the sarcasm in my first comment ..i really did not think at least 10 people were d**b enough to not understand the subtilities ..

Tarasque3113d ago

My god dood what don't you understand?

Someone voices a opinion and you knock them for it then you turn around and shove your opinion down peoples throats. I think everybody gets your sarcasm and that's the whole point of it. We are here to discuss graphics and you are being sarcastic about it then calling everyone else dumb. But anywho, comparing these screens to the original looks almost identical. And i thought the original WKC was very underwhelming in the graphics department. So to show new screens of the 2nd one and it looks exactly the same at this stage is a major disappointment. Lets compare these screens to say FF13. FF13 looks better already and its out. And i could care less what it runs in, if it is not up to par in graphics it's not up to par regardless what rez they run it at.

Redempteur3113d ago

first wkc and ff13 were released months ( more than a year ) after each other

Second wkc is not trash ..
Are you that dense ? WHAT in those screen is trash ?? seriously ??

i'm not on the "they are identical " part .it's obvious that there won't be a leap in graphics ...

WHAT is trash in these screens ? answer that !!

Tarasque3113d ago

"first wkc and ff13 were released months ( more than a year ) after each other"

What does that comment have to do with a single thing anyone has talked about? Maybe you need to take a little more time and re-read peoples post. I said compare these screens which are WKC2 screens to FF13 screens which FF13 is already out. If you still have problems understanding send me a PM and i will send you an audio tape with drawings and stuff to get you to understand. And secondly WKC might not be trash to you and that's your opinion, but other people might think differently. Now i did not like WKC at all, but i would not call it trash. Which i have not called it trash like your assuming i have. The only trash i see around here is your attitude. I am glad i am out of bubbles....

Redempteur3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

"What does that comment have to do with a single thing anyone has talked about? "

wkc is old .. 16 months old already ...listen read my posts again ..i'm reacting to the first post #5 of this chain ..

you butt in defending this guy ..wkc is not trash ..i hate stealth trolling and that was the case ... i dunno what you want in rpgs but IMO wkc did a lot of things right and some thing not as good ..many thing are getting fixed or improved ( even in these screens to can see knight quests and some new environnements )

you can stay on your opinion that they look the same .. ( this is true ) but if you look you can see improvements that's for sure ..

a question did you compare resonance of fate graphics to ff13 ? or is this just a treatment for wkc2 ???

And why the hell would i compare wkc2 to ff13 ? they are not remotely the same thing except that they are rpgs ..does ff13 have online ? does ff13 have custom towns ? graphics aren't everything my boy ..

do you take pleasure comparing demon's souls graphics to mass effect 2 ?
next time you can complain that sf4 and ssf4 graphics are the same i'll laugh too ..yeah right let's compare graphics ...they are everything in a game .. /s /s /s ( triple sarcasm in case you still don't understand )

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