Infinity Ward is Falling Apart - Respawn Entertainment Will Rise

Golgotron says, "Ever since the Infinity Ward fiasco where two studio heads, Vince Zampella and Jaxon West, were fired by Activision people have been talking. Most of that talk has revolved around what the two of them would be doing next and about the suing and counter-suing between the duo and Activision. That conversation has changed over the past week and some of the speculation has been answered. Word has spread that several employees of Infinity Ward are resigning from there current positions. On top of that, West and Zampella announced the formation of their new company, Respawn Entertainment."


Quick Update: Two more people have announced their departure from Infinity Ward today. They have both been added to the list. Messerly is actually somebody who have been with IW since day 1. I should also note that Grisby was the inspiration and voice actor for the CoD 4 character, Staff Sergeant Griggs. This brings the total body count to 13 as of today. I think it is fair to see we will see more over the few months.

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xTruthx3200d ago

I think this is for the best, the 2 bosses who got fired made Respawn Entertainment and IW employees are resigning. Hope every 1 is the IW resigns and goes to Respawn Entertainment.

kalebgray923200d ago

they killed IW.... you bastard


wrong, Bobby K killed IW with a little weapon called greed !

LukaX233199d ago

Anything Activision touches will fall apart. I mean COME ON, just look at where CoD went. From COD4, to freaking MW2... EWWWW

Dandiego3199d ago

I just think the suits and ties are running the game and it shouldnt be that way. It should be gamers running the videogame industry. I was one of the few celebrating when they got fired because I knew this was going to happen. Medal of Honor fell to COD because of these 2 guys now prepare to see COD go down the same way!!!

zoks3103199d ago

Bobby Kotic is the new and real life Kratos. IW game wont be the same with all the lead developers gone.

LoVeRSaMa3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Is a good name for this studio because.

● IW Died and has come back to life.
● It could also mean bringing entertainment back or a new outlook on it.
● IW made COD Über popular and defined themselves at the top of FPS, its likely they will be making more goof FPS games, and 'Respawn' is an adequate name >_<

Neways, happy with what's happened Activision was starting to get on my nerves =]

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ClownBelt3200d ago

That picture is fricking hilarious.

jashwin3199d ago

I don't know who to blame for modern glitchfare 2. Is it negligence on IW's part or Activision? Sure,you guys will say that it's Activision's fault but where is the proof?

Anyways ,I'm happy about what is happening to IW. Atleast they are away from Kotick's clutches....

Mo0eY3199d ago

I put the blame on both - I'm sure Activision rushed them, but they were given an unlimited amount of cash. They could have hired more Quality Assurance guys to find this crap.

Regardless, I won't be touching anything Activision ever again (unless it's made by Blizzard).

SixZeroFour3199d ago

mooey, in that case i would actually lean more towards putting the blame on activision, cause it doesnt matter how much money is thrown at you, if you dont have the time then you wont be able to make a quality product

i remember when i first started hearing/reading about the sudden outburst of gamebreaking glitches, i wrote that if they took the time to hold the title back for some beta testing or testing of any sort, im sure the public wouldnt have minded and none of this would be happening, but activision just wanted to get the game out there asap and this is what it leads to...a broken (although fun) game and a dev team that broke down

LoVeRSaMa3198d ago

I was always optimistic about MW2's development due to the time they had to develop it, I didn't feel like 1 year was enough, id rather have waited 2 years and got a better quality game with less bugs [=

frankymv3199d ago

Guess his plan of wold domination just backfired on his ass.

spinbot_lv13199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

entire infinity ward team is respawning at respawn entertainment.kotick you deserve this.Infinity ward was the only developer that made me buy a game published by activision. Activision has lost one of the most desired and envied team of the entire gaming industry.

Bolts3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

They lost Blizzard? Oh. So they didn't lose the most desired and envied team in the entire gaming industry then.

The CoD franchise was doomed by MW2 anyways so it wasn't that big of a lost. Plus they can still milk it like EA did with Medal of Honor while Respawn will have cook up an entirely new IP. Not easy considering how long it took for CoD to go mainstream.

Now losing Blizzard, that would be a nail in the coffin for any publisher.

catguykyou3199d ago

I can promise you. COD5 will come out and it will sell a ton. It will take 2 or 3 bad games before they stop selling well. The name alone will generate sells and Activision knows this. To them if they can get out of paying IW their royalties for MW2 and cash in on the COD name for the next few years, it's worth losing the developer. While I feel this should be a huge blow up mistake for Activision, I think they are smart enough to have weighed in this possible outcome and I wouldn't be surprised if money wise, they still come out ahead.

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