Report: Four more Infinity Ward employees leave studio

Lead designers Zied Reike and Steve Fukuda, as well as programmer Rayme Vinson, have left ailing Modern Warfare 2 developer Infinity Ward, according to "sources close to the studio" speaking with Kotaku.

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xTruthx3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I think this is for the best, the 2 bosses who got fired made Respawn Entertainment and IW employees are resigning. Hope every 1 in IW resigns and goes to Respawn Entertainment.

Mo0eY3109d ago

Kotick kicked himself in the balls with not paying the IW peeps. It paid off though - the sheeple bought Modern Glitchfare 2, and they seem to be enjoying their time trying out all the glitches so he got all that money.

Unfortunately, I love Blizzard's games so I'll be picking up Diablo 3 next year, but I will never spend my money on an Activision game after all of this crap he's put people through.

Rock Bottom3109d ago

Same thing here, hate Activision, love Blizzard's games, will buy Diablo 3 IF it comes out next year.

Oh! and StarCraft 2 Beta is love love love.

AAACE53109d ago

I'm right there with you, I hope all of them quit and go to Respawn! The only thing I don't like is Respawn are directly tied to EA. But I hate Bobby Kotick more than I dislike EA, so f it!

xaviertooth3109d ago

yep agreed mooey, just starcraft 2 and diablo 3 for me. just too bad blizzard has activition in its name but anyways.

i have never purchased any activision title this gen (yes including call of duty as i'm not into fps).

i hope respawn entertainment will try out something new and not fps this time. but its just me.

HammockGames3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

What's funny is that it's almost like he shot his cash cow himself.

Suits him right. Greedy fvck.

I hope ultimately he gets fired over this, too. The industry would be better without him.

Raz3109d ago

I bet he's feeling the sting of this epic fail now...goodbye, Activision, goodbye Kotick. You suck donkey balls, and now everyone knows it.

BTW: I might be trading in my COD discs. Battlefield BC2 is awesomely better with vehicles and a completely destructible environment.

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Pandamobile3109d ago

Maybe we'll get lucky and the whole studio will disband.

xTruthx3109d ago

Yah I hope activition loses all of its IW employees.

HammockGames3109d ago

Says Bobby =>

"We hired a new (cheaper, inexperienced) dev team so I can guarantee all our loyal fans that Cod for 2011 will remain exactly the same - and I mean glitch for glitch."

qface643109d ago

i can bet you 100 freaking virtual dollars once the remaining IW employees get their owed royalty checks they are gonna jump ship faster than the people on the titanic

xTruthx3109d ago

100 virtual dollars huh lol...... heres $1,000,000 virtual dollars for you. Don't spend them all at once :)

DarkTower8053109d ago

You've never been in a lawsuit before, have you? Activision is not planning on paying anyone any royalties. The best chance anyone has of getting any money is by jumping ship NOW and filing a class action lawsuit for those royalties which should have been paid long ago. By the looks of it, that's what's happening.

ChrisW3109d ago

Agree 1,000,000 percent!

GamerPS3603109d ago

The original 2 who were fired signed with EA already :(

kornbeaner3109d ago

No they didn't. Most of the OG IW crew is made up of ex-EA people from the medal of honor series. They did not go back after this debacle with Activision.

GamerPS3603109d ago

EA will be producing games from "respawn entertainment" which is the studio they built/are building.

duplissi3109d ago

respawn is an independent studio with an exclusive publishing deal with ea.
in other words they have complete creative freedom.

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