How to play Def Jam Rapstar without saying the N-word

Def Jam Rapstar is the first game absolutely dedicated to hip hop, and will feature over 40 songs, proprietary voice recognition, and a community video sharing feature (like YouTube, only for amateur rappers... or, like YouTube). We don't doubt that it'll be a hit, and we're actually pretty excited to give it a play. There's just one thing...

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mikepmcc3108d ago

"like YouTube, only for amateur rappers... or, like YouTube"


HolyOrangeCows3108d ago

If you're playing a game with dumb songs like this in the first place, are you really classy enough to be offended by saying the lyrics in their songs?

ViciousBoston3108d ago

I think its stupid to take a word offensively that you regularly throw around with friends. If its so offensive they wouldn't use it themselves. Its a joke. I don't play that game my friends and neither should you. No one word "belongs" to a race. Its ignorance.