New Episodes from Liberty City Social Club TV Channels Are Live

Rockstar writes - "For PC gamers, the release of Episodes from Liberty City on Games for Windows® LIVE also marks the launch of three new channels at Social Club TV that support the in-game video editor suite of tools:

The Ballad of Gay Tony - Be the hit of the party with a whole new batch of high-end vehicular toys and over-the-top characters to add to your masterpieces.

The Lost and Damned - Film the next great road movie, make a chain gang biker exploitation flick, or take a leisurely ride through Liberty City. The possibilities are endless.

Episodes from Liberty City Developer Creations - Check out the latest creations from Rockstar Toronto, including the recently released "Cosmonatique" and more to come...

Stay tuned for more featured PC Video Editor Clips this week, along with details on the first official Episodes from Liberty City Video Editor Contest.

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