PSNation - Video Preview: 3D Dot Game Heroes (Spolier Free)

PSNation 10. Apr, 2010 :
"Here's the very first of what we hope will be many video features that we'll start offering here at PS Nation, and choosing 3D Dot Game Heroes right out of the gate is a very good thing. Hit the link to check it out!
(Don't forget, you can watch it in Full 720p as well)"

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Chaostar3110d ago

Am I the only one REALLY looking forward to this game?

How come this is sitting here with no approvals (at time of writing) while people like Greenburg, Pachter and that outspoken Crysis 2 writer break wind and it's front page news? N4Gs system definitely isn't perfect. Are people really not interested in this?

It makes me sad to think that this game might not sell as well as it would if it had the spotlight it deserves.

Parapraxis3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

This game looks like pure WIN.
I think it'll be a hidden gem for many.

You're right Chaostar this game deserves more attention than it gets, maybe it's just too old-school for many? For somebody like myself who has been gaming for 23+ years, this is a must have.

RedPawn3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I will join the quest also. 3DDGH looks like it has a small vibe of Dragon Warror.

-Alpha3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

So you are not alone. In fact I've been crying out for people to keep an eye on this too.

This is by far my most anticipated PS3 GOTY for 2010. I believe it's retailing for only $40. The artstyle is awesome and the story is very witty in that it focuses around the pixel art.

Jinxstar3109d ago

Looks like a steal to me at 40$. On my list to buy for sure. Atlus are doing a great job imo

DigitalHorror813109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I already have the Japanese version if that tells you anything. I have been geeked about this game upon learning of its existence. I'll be picking up the North American release on the 11th of May as well. I hate to say though, that this game is looking to fall into oblivion with the titles that hog the shelving. At a price point of 39.99, this gem is an absolute STEAL. Please, if you consider yourselves hardcore and/or old school, this game is a 1st day MUST BUY. Honestly, I looked forward more to this than Final Fantasy 13.

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DigitalHorror813108d ago

I have the game and while I'm not fluent in Japanese, I have a cousin who is. I've got 3-4 trophies right now on the game. It's EXCELLENT, definitely pick it up.