First Ten Minutes: Record of Agarest War

Take a peek on the first ten minutes of Record of Agarest War, the much anticipated strategy-roleplaying game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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WildArmed3111d ago

While i love SRPGs...
I hate how they are stuck in the SNES gen.
I hate that combat system, why couldn't we have something more like VC..
you know? More eye pleasing..
Or like Resosance of fate

MAiKU3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I personally like the 2d sprites. It's like a tradition with SRPGs

MightyMark4273111d ago

Record of Agarest War is actually good. It has exploration mode and very deep battle system.

wollie3111d ago

I think the sprites are awesome. wonder how much this will cost?

MightyMark4273111d ago

360 version will cost 59.99 and it will include a mouse pad, pillow case, and soundtrack.
PS3 is PSN only

wollie3110d ago

surely they won't charge $60 for a downloadable game. will they?

maverick403111d ago

If you want it on disc format, get it from or It was released in europe months ago