This Day in History: Happy Birthday, Tempest 2000

On this day in 1994, Atari began shipping Tempest 2000 for its Jaguar home console, often considered the highlight of the system.

Tempest 2000 was a then-modern update to Atari's original 1980 arcade game. While the original used a vector monitor to simulate its 3D perspective and vanishing point, this update used the built-in 3D capabilities of the Jaguar itself to achieve its effects.

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darthv723112d ago

I have this game and the jag to play it. It is one of my favorite versions. Even better than the Nuon rendition of Tempest 3000. I especially liked the bonus levels where it looked like you were over rivers of lava moving smoothly through the level.

Come to think of it...jag had several good games that got upgrades to the Nuon system. One in particular is Iron soldier 3.

Cheers to Tempest 2000

Now bring on a REAL remake of Aliens vs Predator.