G4TV: Know Your Roots: Nintendo GameCube

Morgan Webb takes a look back at the history of the Nintendo GameCube in this installment of Know Your Roots. Learn about Nintendo's little lunchbox gaming system in this X-Play Feature.

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darthv723108d ago

Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II I played a demo at a Kay B toys and knew I had to have one. I was a fan of Rogue Squadron on the n64 and this game was a real upgrade over that.

I really havent been let down by any of the titles I purchased for the cube (maybe turok evolution). That isnt to say there arent any stinkers for the cube as I bet there are. I am just picky and I like what I buy.

n4f3108d ago

mario kart double dash,mario sunshine,smash melee
for these game i wake up early just to play