Activision Priced Stimulus Package Too Low

Electronic Entertainment Design and Research analyst Jesse Divnich told IGN that Activision could have priced the Stimulus Package higher than $15 and still achieve its record first week sales.

"The accepted commercial success benchmark for DLC for a console game is 20% of the install base," said Divnich. "The stimulus map pack was able to reach that benchmark in just a week, and should reach 30 – 35% (of Modern Warfare 2 owners purchasing the add-on) through its lifetime,"

"It is evident that 2.5 million Xbox Live players felt that $15 was either just right or a good bargain and given the enormous quantity sold (2.5 million), I'd argue that Activision could have charged more and still obtain the same results," he added.

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ClownBelt3136d ago

inb4 N4g hypocrites telling everyone that this is a rip off, yet continue to support it by buying the DLC.

logichurtsfanboys3136d ago

It's a rip off. I don't own the game by the way, but I did beat it at my brothers house though. And truthfully I don't see what all the reviewers saw in the single player. Absolutely no clue why it got such good reviews besides pure hype. And to the people that do buy this DLC, why? Stop putting up with Activisions crap, they over charge for everything.

Excalibur3135d ago

is making a comeback....