Respect the Neo Geo Joystick

When video game consoles were new, there was an emphasis on emulating the arcade experience. However, concessions were inevitable when creating a home version and not just from a audio-visual standpoint. Control methods were often changed to accommodate the particulars of a console's input device. Trackball and dial-operated games had to work with a joystick or a D-pad, and while arcade cabinets could support numerous buttons, few home systems had more than one or two to work with.

Enter the Neo Geo, an absurdly expensive console designed not to simulate but precisely replicate arcade games at home. Much has been written about the system's sky-high cost and brick-like cartridges, but the key to the Neo Geo's greatness was the joystick: a black, sturdy hunk of plastic that perfectly mimicked the controls of a Neo Geo arcade cabinet.

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