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Erik Hanson writes "For even if the campaign is short (5-6 hours) and I'm not a fan of Splinter Cell's new action-orientation, I must confess that I have fun when I play through the campaign and even more fun in cooperative mode.There are tracks that are really charming and although much is changed, to the point where you wonder if Ubisoft think the mass market, held in the hand and provided with blank stick, so the concept works.I like the new Sam Fischer, after all, but, you just play for yourself, you can lower the grade one step."

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clarkjudo4128d ago

Some of these people who do these reviews. Seem to have no time, and feel they have to get the game review out fast. So, they rush through the game by using the "faster" options of game play (using a non stealth optional approach). And fill the review with many useless but creative words. More time seems to be spent on the review. Than playing the game in its entirety. And trying different ways and methods offered. Do people need to be spoon fed? Or simply they are not creative enough and do not have the time to be?

lokiroo4204128d ago

Kind of like your copy/paste comment?

Valkyre4128d ago

^^ dont mind him, he is simply butthurt :)

thereapersson4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Meanwhile all the reviews of PS3 games like Heavenly Sword, Metal Gear Solid 4 and God of War III that say the games are short are right on the money?

Maybe the game really is that short, and UbiSoft just couldn't come up with a longer single-player experience (thanks in-part to the heavy push of the multiplayer aspect of this title)?

What's wrong with an 8 score, anyway? I remember last generation when 4/5 and 8/10 scores were still quite respectable. What happened this generation? Why is there such a focus (on) and obsession (over) "AAA" status? You're still going to buy this game, aren't you? You sure spend a lot of time defending it, after all. So, if you're going to buy it and enjoy it, what does it matter if there are reviewers that give it an 8?

There have been games and movies throughout the years that have fared not so well in the critical spotlight, yet that never stopped me from enjoying them. I just made up my mind that not every aspect of my life is going to be controlled by what other people think of the things that I am interested in. Think for yourself -- it does wonders. :)


Though my comments might state otherwise, there are still some media outlets that I truly believe are skewed in their perspective. EDGE is one of them. I can't stand the way they go about claiming "objectivity" and "journalistic integrity".

I also believe that there are too many "free passes" given out to games these days, for things that would normally warrant a point deduction or two. The whole review system needs to be turned on its head.

lokiroo4204128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

I could care less of the score, I have never said the game was bad.


yh i was talking to valkyre, dont worry

thereapersson4128d ago

I was referring to the OP (clarkjudo), just to be clear

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AliTheBrit194128d ago

Just ordered this today :) comes with a free 800 MS points, FTW.