New APB shots reveal extensive customization options

Electronic Arts released new screenshots of APB that reveal how players can customize their own characters, cars and emblems.

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barefootgamer3108d ago

I wonder how long it'll take before guys start moving the "boob" slider all the way to the right.

Kiriel3108d ago

Haha, not long probably. ;)

TwelfthCrusader3108d ago

Sweet. This game does look awesome. It's a shame it's not coming to 360/PS3 because then I would actually be able to play it...

js7263108d ago

I'm starting to get pretty excited for this one. Glad I decided to build that new PC when I did. APB? Crysis/Crysis: Warhead/Crysis 2 at full specs? So very worth it.

TwelfthCrusader3107d ago

Haha I love how it got 19 approvals lol