GamingTrend: PlayStation Move Preview

Announced at the Game Developers Conference last month, Sony is touting the Move controller as its answer to the motion-based controller systems currently being offered by Nintendo, and as a direct competitor to Microsoft's announced Natal project. With a cryptic promise that the control system will be available sometime this Fall (maybe as early as September?), the pre-launch event was a chance to check out a selection of first-party titles that Sony has to offer. Fresh from their appearances in New York and Boston, the Sony Move team is gearing up to do a series of visits to various cities, making the Move demos available to folks in the press, but also to members of the Sony gaming community. Although there currently isn't an announced schedule, fans can keep an eye on the PlayStation blog for details about when the demo team might be showing up in their area.

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Makes me more interested to read the actual preview if the article posted looks readable.

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