New Dragon Quest X news soon...Or perhaps not

There are some hints that Dragon Quest X will be featured on the next episode of Tama Newton with an appearance by Ryutaro Ichimura. However, it isn't entirely clear if Dragon Quest X will be on the show or if it will be a treasure map from Dragon Quest IX.

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SpoonyRedMage3136d ago

Anything Dragon Quest is awesome! Can't wait!

qface643136d ago

i just remembered 9 is coming out in may ^-^
i don't expect any DQX news until like tokyo game show

Valay3136d ago

Hm...Actually, I'm pretty sure it's not coming until at least June.

qface643136d ago

yeah i looked it up a while ago
i could have sworn something was coming out in may
oh well -_-

TheColbertinator3136d ago

Yes! Dragon Quest 10 coming to the Wii.Glad to see it come to fruition.

George Sears3136d ago

I wonder if Level 5 would be the ones working with this one. They did one hell of a fine job with the PS2 game.

Smart move for Square to make this a Wii game judging by its install base in Japan and how popular DQ is over there. (Sells more than the FF series)

kratos1233136d ago

riiight because we all now that the wii is well known fore its third party sales its and breaking records fore third partys
this will only sell because it has DQ on it and not because its on the wii

qface643136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

your kind contradicting yourself a bit
yeah its true its gonna sell because its dragon quest but its also going to sell more because its on the wii
meaning it has a larger base to sell in

SpoonyRedMage3136d ago

Yer may be they should put it on the PS3 so it can become the worst selling game since the franchise reached popularity like FFXIII?

If anything other than Wii it should be DS, you know following up on Square Enix's best selling title ever in Japan(DQIX)...

gillri3136d ago

please on PS3 or wii, really uncomfortable playing RPG's on handheld, they are too long and my arms or necks hurts after a hour in the same position

qface643136d ago

um this is coming out on the wii ya know?

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The story is too old to be commented.