Josh Olson Talks Conduit 2

High Voltage's Josh Olson talks to regarding the highly anticipated Conduit 2. Many new details emerge, such as the game's presence at this year's E3 conference.

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SpoonyRedMage3109d ago

Noooo, I want Co-op for Campaign

asdr3wsfas3109d ago

My gf is gonna be so sad. She liked watching me play the conduit so much she won't let me trade it in. She said it would be like abandoning something I once loved for 20 dollars and she didn't like that ;)

I blame it on Kevin Sorbo's enchanting voice. In the sequel I hope they have footage of him ripping phonebooks in half.

EvilTwin3109d ago

Heh, I haven't traded my GS "collector's edition" one, either.

Still pop it in from time to time. Some of the online maps really are well designed (a little claustrophobic for some after playing other modern shooters, but I dig it; you can tell the guys at HVS loved their late 90's PC FPS).

Moduserous3109d ago

AHHH!!! That picture was too awesome for me! LoL!

Seekerofthewind3109d ago

=p That would be horribly bad for gameplay, but it would be oh-so-enjoyable.

ChickeyCantor3109d ago

You know its actually a cool idea if you could carry the Leviathan on your back somehow and shoot mega lazors.

I seriously hope he isn't kidding(but i know he was T_T) cause that sounds like an awesome idea for multiplayer. 1 person carrying the leviathan vs all other.

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