Bypass of Firmware 3.21 No Longer Works

Following the recent firmware 3.21 released by Sony, many people have sought to alternative methods to keep their old firmware alive ready for GeoHot's new custom firmware, but there is some speculation to whether Sony hack blocked the old firmwares connecting to the Playstation Network.

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3205d ago
RedDragan3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

That video showed a disconnected PS3

Edit: Why the disagree's? That PS3 in the vid is not connected to PSN which is what the article is related to.

Are some people here really that stupid or what?

rodeoo3205d ago

Just do what i did. i bought a ps3slim and put my 60 gig with older firmware away. Ill break it out when custom firmware and other exploits are released.

Lifendz3205d ago

how many people were holding out for GeoHot's CFW because they wanted to keep the other OS function or because they were hoping the Other OS function would in fact lead to greater piracy rates on the PS3?

mrv3213205d ago

Ah, I'm glad I'm on 3.21, what will you seriously want a custom firmware do for you... legally.

Christopher3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

All they had to do was verify your credentials against a PSN login attempt. Whomever thought they wouldn't eventually get to doing that since the DNS route only bypasses the check on the PS3 itself was somewhat deluded.

I get a laugh at all the PS3 owners who are waiting on a CFW from GeoHot. Man... I wonder if he'll be able to bypass the online credential verification?

3205d ago
3205d ago
Christopher3205d ago

You gotta be able to hack it first in order to determine what to mimic, which is one of the reasons they disabled OtherOS. So, now you have to hack a PS3 post-OtherOS removal before you can mimic...

3205d ago
3205d ago
UnwanteDreamz3205d ago

You vid is old (last week) come back when you got something we haven't seen. That is proof of nothing.

ChozenWoan3205d ago

Mod was a little harsh with the delete... He was just posting that vid.

Although that vid proved more so that the custom firmware didn't work more than anything. Which I stated last week when it was show and some people didn't believe me then.

ohh well, just another day on N4G

Neo6043205d ago

the main reason is online.

next is inconvenien to long download and burn.

your ps3 will not last. Why would you mess with an expensive powerful hardware that does everything include 3D.

I had so many ps2 games to play that I don't even care to play.

Prototype3205d ago

People still talking about this? It happend, its done, move on.

I'm betting 1/3 of the people "arguing" against Sony probabily don't even have a PS3, just adding more fuel to the fire.

sikbeta3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Too bad for those douch...dudes that were avoiding the update just for "da Cuztomez Firmwarez", No Piracy For them [NEVER], Devs Deserve the Money for The [Great] Games they make

[email protected], Sony Ninja Force will chase you for the rest of your Live:

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RedDragan3205d ago

He isn't in it for the community, he is in it for the fame.

He doesn't care if people get banned from PSN for using any kind of CFW he may create in the future. Instead of telling those who use it is as much their fault as his own for thier PSN being banned, he will instead try and blame Sony.

He would do the same for any device he has hacked. If any hack could get your PSN banned, a good moralled hacker (most of them) would immediately advise the community to stop promoting it. Geohot is known for not doing this sort of thing, instead being only interested in himself.

Geohot is a moron, and those who admire him are fools. The majority of the hackers in Geohots type of activity are there for the community, to help them... but this guy isn't. And the hacking community will be all to happy to tell you how much they respect him. It would take them 1 second... its 4 letter word beginning with t and ending in t.

Shadow Flare3205d ago

you know, geohot by law probably hasn't done anything illegal, i don't know. Maybe he has. But either way, i would love to see that idiot get arrested and sent to prison for a few years

Hellsvacancy3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

RedDragan he certainly is a [email protected], id still rather call him a C U Next Tuesday

RedDragan3205d ago

lol @ 2.2

there are alot of people who will stand in line behind you with that


mrv3213205d ago

Nice one, instead of replying with a reasonable argument you decide to swear, GENIUS.

I am all FOR the removal of other os. Sure it was a good feature FOR some... but when you look deeper into the issue the thing of piracy will cause more infringements than you can imagine, and anyone who supports universal piracy isn't thinking for the greater good... of the internet as a whole.

Thanks GeoHot and all the hacker out their who have enabled piracy and justified it and brought it to such an extent that the government feel justified to infringe some basic rights. I am not for the digital rights act but if we want to do something, we have to limit piracy and not give companies too much of negative articles for anti-piracy messures.

Hellsvacancy3205d ago

But did i REALLY swear? dont b such a scrooge man


mrv3213205d ago

Don't take a serious term which could effectively be the bill that changes the internet?

RuPaul3205d ago

Go read about Blizzard VS MDY Industries....It's very,very hard too tell what is legal and what isn't anymore.

Meryl3204d ago

hell even regular Indie dev's like myself want him to get the bill for all this, sand please send him to prison he is such a self-centered *****
it's only people who care about pirating which are stiring up all the trouble right now, well mostly i have a few friend who use ps3 linux for programming, but not many lol

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el_nene_lindo3205d ago

dont f*ck with sony they are not microsoft

ClownBelt3205d ago

hahaha. Man all those works for nothing yet again. This is getting interesting.

el_nene_lindo3205d ago

that wasnt nessecary for the wall of text especially me that i dont read unessary paragraphs to prove something

Aphe3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Umm, what? Was that an attempt at speaking English?

I don't mean to be a Grammar Nazi, but I can't understand what the f*ck you just said. What's worse is that people agreed with you. I'm terrible when I'm drunk, but I can still type, you must be totally cained.

I'll attempt translation...

that wasnt nessecary for the wall of text especially me =

that wasn't necessary for the wall of text especially me


that i dont read unessary paragraphs to prove something

that I don't read unnecessary paragraphs to prove something

Right, let's add them together....

that wasn't necessary for the wall of text especially me that I don't read unnecessary paragraphs to prove something

Yep, that's just talking sh*t. Unless you don't speak English, if so you may be better off posting somewhere that speaks your language. Judging by your comment history I just think you're a p*ssed up fanboy.

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