GTA 4 Liberty City running Geforce GTX 480 and six core Core i7-980X

Website PC Games Hardware celebrates Episodes from Liberty City for PC with a benchmark setup that consists of ten CPUs including the worlds fastest processor, the Core i7-980X, and Geforce GTX 480. Also, they show the improved visuals on the PC with maxed out screenshots.

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TABSF3136d ago

I have always said the GTA IV PC was a PS3 port and I would wait for them to port the 360 version because they are lazy and will only ever do ports

Its the only game I have ever seen that makes such a big difference to have a better CPU, really with a GTX 480 it should be doing 60FPS maximum setting with 16xAA and 16xAF

I getting DLC but shows how lazy Rockstar is