Things You May Have Missed In the Gears 3 Trailer

After repeated watches you get to read between the lines and realize what's really going on in it. It might look like just another chunk of carnage-strewn Gears warzone, but it actually reveals a lot about the state of things in Gears of War 3. A hell of a lot.

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Kingdom Come3114d ago

This is it, the End. Let's go out with a Bang.
The final chapter to the greatest games franchise.
Epic, you are game gods, "Ashes to Ashes" gave me shivers.

Def Warrant3114d ago Show
darthv723114d ago

but it certainly is a nice looking trailer. As far as trailers goes I like last day for gears 2 a bit more than this.

The game will be great and do something few franchises are able to do. Start on a single platform and evolve to be even better on the same platform when the franchise concludes.

iFLOWLIKEWATER3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

While, I will admit Gears is my favorite franchise this gen, your statement should have the letters IMO.

On topic: The article presents a great assumption and a very observant one. When I first saw Dom, I thought it was Dizzy. They never really showed Dizzy getting killed and I was wondering if they were going to solidify his death. Thats why I thought it was Dizzy instead of Dom. Anyway, the people at Epic are some lucky to be able to be playing Gears 3 while everyone else has to painstakingly wait...

t-dizzle3114d ago

I could see Epic going all out and wiping the last of humanity off the planet. Locusts were there first anyways... Wipe out those invading bastards I say!

YoungKiller253114d ago

That was an awesome trailer loved it. At first i just wanted to see it because i wanted to see what the 360's best looking game would bring to the table but MAn, This one is definitely about story. favorite part of the trailer was the ending, when it says BROTHERS TO THE END, then just THE END, this is it and its going to be an emotional thrill ride.* i really wish i had a 360 for this ME2 and Halo Reach and i think they will all be epic


Its my personal assumption that everyone will die and the only two left will be Marcus and Cole and they will have to protect eachother and sympathize with one another about what is happening also the girl wont die i think someone is gonna end up with her Marcus or Cole preferably Marcus because hes Strait Badassery 24/7


Looks Like a Really Great title though Awesome Trailer

n4f3114d ago

i prefer gears1 trailers than that
but dont get me wrong its a nice trailer

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Greywulf3114d ago

Will Epic fool the bots the third time around? Gears story is an absolute heap of garbage.

The online is terrible as well. As admitted by Epic..


Bots excited to have a girl in a game..


dangert123114d ago

no1 gives a sh*t about your opinion says who? says 1 bubble

-MD-3114d ago

"The online is terrible"

The only people I ever hear say this are awful at the game.

Lich1203114d ago

I love gears and am extremely excited for the third. However, I did think the multiplayer in 2 was really bad. MY group of friends and I still play the firsts multi, havent touched Gears 2 in months.

AliTheBrit193114d ago

Wow that was an excellent read, a lot of stuff there.

Stone-The-Crow3114d ago

I think maybe that Dom's gonna die

i mean whats he got left to live for? he wants to go "home"

like the trailer and this article says when the Locust is standing over him he just doesn't care, he's gone over the edge from the loss of his wife

anyway can't wait to play this

bviperz3114d ago

and Beta test your multi-player is all I ask.

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