Epic feels 'very very bad' about Gears of War 2 multiplayer
"When Gears of War 2 was released, playing the multiplayer portion of the game was, at best, a chore because of match-making issues that would cause the game to spend long periods of time finding online games. In a surprising bit of candor, Cliff Bleszinski acknowledges the problems with Gears of War 2 multiplayer and promises that there are a number of steps they are taking to improve the online experience for Gears of War 3."

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dangert123112d ago

they took the time to patch it thanks guys sarcasm

BeaArthur3112d ago

So I see they are still ignoring the core's buggy as sh!t.

Bnet3433112d ago

I agree with Lord Vader. They need to fix the lag. I'm actually playing Gears 1 multiplayer right now (trying to get Seriously ...) because the Gears 2 multiplayer is god awful except for the coop campaign and Horde mode. Don't care for matchmaking or join servers, as long as we have a working online component it's all good.

ABizzel13112d ago

When I played it I didn't really experience lag, but I played Horde mode 90% of the time.

maniacmayhem3112d ago

Props to Kigmal

I actually loved the ease of the Gears 1 multi player. Just pop into a room, that's it! No match making!

They need to bring that back.

Lord Vader3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Hey Cliffy B:

Not a Gears hater, just the opposite. But you guys screwed up the MP so bad with Gears 2, you had better quit worrying about 4 player co-op & new weapons & concentrate on creating decent netcode for the Gears 3 MP - Here are some suggestions:

1. Fix the L A G

2. Dump the crappy Matchmaking system for at least P2P or PLEASE = DEDICATED SERVERS !!!!

3. Make the weapons' damage more balanced like Gears 1

4. Dump 'smoke' I mean CONCUSSION grenades, they suck.

5. Regional setting so I dont play with ppl in Mexico. = L A G

6. Address weapon switching & player movement = Gears 2 weapon switching, jumping, & general movement is SLOW & CLUNKY compared to Gears 1. Don't believe me ? Go play a map from G1 & then loadup a map on G2 = BIG difference.

7. Fix the L A G again & Beta test the Hell out of the game.

Look at Mass Effect 2, Bioware LISTENED to critics & more importantly gamers & made significant changes to please us & look what happened: a VASTLY IMPROVED GAME !!!!

No excuses this time, Epic will have 5 or 6 extra months to work on the game due to ReAcH's release date. C'mon EPIC, we all loved the first game, PLEASE make some POSITIVE changes to the MP for the GAMERS who love GEARS this time around.

Marcus Fenix3112d ago

I want dedicated servers instead, Epic should make a multiplayer beta for the game and let us see 4 ourselves if they've really doing something about it or not.

doG_beLIEfs3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

This just proves yet AGAIN the bias towards 360 exclusives and the bias AGAINST PS3 exclusives. There is NO WAY that a PS3 exclusive would get a free pass on this.

How did this game get all of those 9's again?

The PS3 gets points deducted if 1 piece of dust is out of place yet HALF the game of a 360 exclusive is a broken mess and it gets a FREE pass.

IMO the irony is....the bias against the PS3 forces PS3 exclusive to be even better, to be more highly polished, to be bigger, to look better and so on.

While 360 exclusive developers can cut corners and release unfinished buggy games knowing that they will not get called out for it.

So PS3 owners get BETTER games while 360 owners get buggy broken messes.

I LOVE the irony of that. I love how 360 fans always bring up review scores as for reasons why 360 is better. Meanwhile PS3 owners get great games. I am not saying that the 360 does not have great games....but IMO the PS3 has a much better crop of AAA games spanning more genres.

Keep it up Edge, Eurogamer, American press...keep up the bias against the PS3 so that I keep getting gems like GOW3, KZ2, UC2, LBP, MGS4, HR and soon GT5, MNR.

While you are at it....bash MOVE while praising Natal.

jjohan353112d ago

FINALLY they admit to the multiplayer problems of Gears 2. It would have been a great game and deserving of the high scores if these problems were fixed.

I love the Gears franchise, but I got lampooned by the 360 fanboys for pointing out the major game-breaking problems in the multiplayer.

Gears 3 and Halo Reach are my reasons for renewing my Live Gold subscription later this year. Until then I can wait it out.

Lifendz3112d ago

you know why? Because 360 owners are paying money to play games online. XBL should therefore be held to a higher standard. When you pay for a game that has multiplayer you're essentially paying more for that game in the form of your XBL subscription. As such I think MS has a duty to ensure their online games meet a certain standard of functionality. Just think how much respect MS would've gotten for maybe delaying the game a month or two (go with me here) to ensure the online functions meet their quality standards?

But I hope Epic learns from the mistakes of Gears 2 for Gears 3.

HolyOrangeCows3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Bygones be bygones, all you can do is just make sure it works in the next game.

Oh, and bring back splitscreen competitive online matches. Or else! (Dun dun dun)

Mo0eY3112d ago

Time and time again I bring this clip up and here is where it is needed most:

Boody-Bandit3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

but it is why I could careless about the Gears of War 3 announcement. Epic just keeps putting while pile of poo out after another and people flock to it like flies on sh*t. They ruined Gears of War 2 so what makes anyone think they wont with the 3rd. Even if it runs 50% better? Is that really enough considering how broken it is?

They need dedicated servers!
So they can just fix it server side and police the cheaters.

I didn't care for the campaign of 2 and online it was a cluster f#ck. I loved the original, even though that has a ton of issues as well. At least you could connect to rooms and play most of the night with minimal lag. The glitches sucked but it ran a lot better than 2. When are people/gamers going to demand quality for their dollars? No just keep on buying DLC for broken games like Gears 2 and MW2 and we will keep getting subpar games with minimal effort and a ton of profit.

They think of us as fools and we keep proving them right. This is just a bogus PR article to get us to fall for their horsesh*t.

maniacmayhem3112d ago

U are so right!!


UFO were behind 9/11

The government puts secret messages in all boy band songs

The food we eat secretly has micro chips for the government to track us.

Jimmy Hoffa and Elvis secretly run China.

IaMs123112d ago

Lets sure hope so. If so, fix it now, and in Gears 3!

mcslick1013112d ago

To be honest, I was fairly surprised at Gears 2 MP, Epic Have a track record of making the most intense, fun, competitive and not to mention INSANE MP as we see with UT.

Gears was buggy and lacked a lot of the core elements that made their previous multiplayer masterpieces a hit. I'll take gears word on their Gears MP update, only because they make great PC games :D.

crck3112d ago

If they feel so bad about it then why don't they issue a partial refund to buyers? Oh I guess they don't feel THAT bad about it...

REDHULKSMASH3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

1 whole year of Marketing, hype, promoting, guest appearances, = alot of sales u think they are going to really go out of their way to perfect it when they can just talk all year how great it's going to be and get 5 million copies sold anyway. You guys ever heard of msnbc? You know Microsoft and NBC? You think it was a coincidence cliffy b was able to get a slot on Jimmy Fallon who happens to be on NBC? When was the last time you saw Sony or nintendo on late night tv. They own the media they'll just keep exposing it so part 3 has a big launch. They did all the leg work with part one who cares if the sequels are any good we'll make them sell.

They have to make this one sell. This is 2011 for Microsoft. Halo Reach Is 2010. The more they add to this game the more sluggish and/or cartoony it's going to be.

If they REALLY wanted this game to work they would give multiplayer it's own disc with all previous maps and put the campaign on TWO discs that way u get the graphics of part 1 and the length of part 2.

But that would eat into profits so doubt they'll do it.
Ms style annouce it early as possible don't give a demo and just keep saying how great it will be.

SeNiLe9113111d ago

but Gears 1 and 2 I sold or traded because the multiplayer blew from the get-go or got worst from update to update. I really like the campaign and played as much of the MP I could stand but their updates never fixed the problems, made it worst most if anything.

I will be buying Gears Of War 3 day one but will sell or trade if the MP is not on par or better.

Bathyj3111d ago

Why is it they only mention things like this when there is a sequel to hype up, as if the promise is it will all be fixed, yet no one is allowed to say anything about it while its still the current iteration, less be accussed of fanboyism, or god forbid, while they are writing reviews for the game in the first place.

Did anyone mark their scores down for the buggy mess multiplayer was, or did it get a pass?

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Rampaged Death3112d ago

Like Fishy Fingers said ditch the poor matchmaking and bring back the peer to peer

mauleriscool3112d ago

matchmaking is already p2p hosting in gears2. The game usually picks the party leader from one side as the host. Getting host is very exploitable since people love the host advantage.

PS360PCROCKS3112d ago

That's very very good if they can fix it. The idea in theory was ok, but it worked terribly. Seldom did it work, and if it did it took FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRR when it first released. I'm talking 5,10,15 even 20 minutes to find a match than you'd get kicked, it was laggy, the host would leave etc...they should seriously think about beta testing the MP. The campaign though for Gears 2 was excellent til the final boss, ugh lame lame lame. But riding the Brumak was hella fun

el_nene_lindo3112d ago

$50 a year + no dedicated servers for there exclusives WOW JUST WOW PSN IS FREE AND ALLLLLLL PS3 EXCLUSIVES HAS DEDICATED SERVERS sad...that the bots pay for inferior service while we dont pay nothing and we have better DEDICATED SERVERS WOW SONY I LOVE YOU

DlocDaBudSmoka3112d ago

but i feel worse for having to shell out $60 and some change. the title to my comment is pure sarcasm. To me they should feel really bad about shipping a game with broken MP. I'm sure they just seen the $$ and let that blind them.

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