Conviction redefined the genre (the best game in the series)

VGArabia: The latest Splinter Cell game is the best one yet. Ubisoft has really redefined the stealth action genre in Conviction.

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FangBlade3112d ago

Double Agent is a lot better IMO.

lociefer3112d ago

lol the stealth genre?, how about just redefined the spilnter cell series, cause if ur trying to pit sc against the stealth giant mgs ur just embarassing urself

hardcore19123112d ago

I only finished the first game in the series and enjoying Conviction now. IMO Conviction is the right direction for the series. I can't go back for the previous games now after Conviction.

Joule3112d ago

When it passes the Metal Gear Solid series in stealth than it redefined the genre but until then MGS is the top dog.

3112d ago
Fanb0y3111d ago

Well, Saga-Kin is a well known fanboy.

I personally think this is the way stealth games will be from now on. It started with Batman Arkham Asylum, and Conviction shows how it can be done in a different setting.

The player has to feel in control. Feel like the predator, always knowing what the enemies will do and being one step ahead of them.

I still think Batman's AI was miles ahead of Conviction's. I just loved it when their status stated 'terrified'. Convictions' gets its job done though. Nothing to seriously complain about.

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Fishy Fingers3112d ago

Glad he's enjoying it so, it's always nice to see a game provide the fun and enjoyment it's intended to. But while I havent played the finished project, I know it wont be my favourite, it's just to different from the original few that I adored so much, when black was black.

movements3112d ago

I agree, Conviction is the best in the franchise. My only issue with this game is its length.

Other than that, none else comes even close.

Fanb0y3111d ago

The length of the game truly depends on your play-style.

If you're shooting your way through, it will take about 6 hours SP. If you're at least utilizing stealth and focusing on hand-to-hand takedowns, probably near the 8 hour mark.

But if you think about it, it's nice how players have SO MANY options when playing this game. Believe it or not, you can play this game old-school splinter-cell style, creeping around corners and not firing that many bullets.

Wrathman3112d ago

fans of fit men in cat-suits to the defense of mgs..INBOUND IN 3,2,1...

BXbomber3112d ago

mgs4 redefined the genre last i remember.