Eurogamer (Spain): Splinter Cell:Conviction Review

Eurogamer Spain writes "On this last point, the difficulty, it is noteworthy that Conviction is slightly easier than previous releases, but this is not because the enemies are less fierce but the new tactics that we can deploy, the most important of which is the called "Mark and Run." This new ability allows us to select different targets and mark them by pressing the "RB" without them realizing it.The number of objectives we can make varies depending on the weapon you use and how much we improved. Thus, once we set our enemies simply have to press "Y" and Sam will automatically fast and deadly swoon."

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FangBlade4130d ago

Wow 88 on metacritic and dropping.
Decent AA title I guess.

4130d ago
A change in the wind4130d ago

Man, that score just keeps on dropping huh bots? Wow, not a single true 360 exclusive until May, meanwhile, all of your multi-plats are getting average marks across the board. Oh well.