Splinter Cell: Conviction Apparently Freezing 360s

Gamervision reports: After years of waiting, gamers finally have gotten their hands on the latest Sam Fisher adventure, as Ubisoft has finally released Splinter Cell: Conviction. However, reports are starting to trickle in about a glitch in the game that is causing 360s to freeze up a short ten minutes into the game. Apparently the issue rears its ugly head when reaching the first weapons cache in the mansion area, at which point the game will completely freeze, forcing players to reboot their systems.

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Actually, as most things on internet, I'll say it's probably a mountain being made of an ant hill. I don't believe everyone is getting the issue, but wouldn't rule out someone having the problem too.

Have you ever guessed how many consoles die out there per year? It's a 5 to 6 digits number for PS3 (which is supposed to be within the industry standard). Now just think a moment about freezes, disc read errors, corrupting saves and what not, on a less reliable 360.

I still can't play any copy of GOW Collection on my perfectly working 60GB PS3, most forums I asked about any solution people called me a liar. Not cool to be in the short end of the stick, that I can guarantee you. But my personal case don't make GOW Collection unplayable on every PS3 around too.

So don't call out 360 owners having the problem, but don't blow the problem out of proportion too (like this article probably just did).

corneliuscrust3110d ago

better not spread that around here at ps3 central... you'll have one bubble in no time.

i see the disagrees have already started.

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I would wait for the PS3 version that is coming within the next year, but I've got MGS4 and UC2... don't need this Max Pain wannabe game.

To corneliuscrust
Actually most people on here only -bub trolls, spammers, and liars. If your telling the truth, not even fanatics can hate.

I would +bub ya corneliuscrust, but I only do that to those with pics in their avatar... nothing personal, just my OCD kicking in.

SlipperyMooseCakes3110d ago

It is due to the update I believe. It's more so Ubisoft's fault than Microsoft's.

It freezes for me right after I go to the weapons cache.

Fishy Fingers3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Updates, patches, it all goes through certification. Still, it's hardly an uncommon occurrence in this day and age, hopefully those suffering get it sorted soon.

Nothing more annoying than a new game that you cant play.

el_nene_lindo3110d ago

50% failure rate what do you expext???? seriously

Wrathman3110d ago

joined 16 hours ago..just to talk trash i bet.who are u really..MOOEY?

Montrealien3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

2% of the market, what did you expect? internet fanboys are nothing, and they know it. har har har.

Mo0eY3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Did someone call my name? It's okay that I haunt you bots with my one bubble comment. After all, I know you feel the need to read what I have to say regardless if it's pertinent to the topic because I piss you all off. :]

On topic: No wonder people have said it takes 8 hours to fix - 5 hours to play the game, and 3 hours spent trying to unfreeze the flopbox.

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