TERA Brings In More Top Industry Names

En Masse Entertainment has announced that it has hired more top names from the gaming industry, adding more potential to its upcoming MMO, TERA.

Ex BioWare, NCsoft and Microsoft employees have joined the team to bring the upcoming fantasy MMO to the west. They're working with existing staff who include people from Blizzard and ArenaNet.

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Maticus3163d ago

This game's shaping up to be very interesting. When's the open bet again? No hope of getting on the closed one >_>

Leord3163d ago

I wish I had more developer contacts :)

Rock Bottom3163d ago

I just got this email yesterday from the Terra team:

"Hi there!

Good news and bad news. Good news first: The invitations to Focus Group Test 2 have all gone out. If you received one, we look forward to your assistance in making TERA a better game. If you're reading this email and haven't received an invitation, first check your spam and junk mail folders. If there's no invitation there then that's the bad news, and we're sorry-but do check out this new opportunities to be added to FGT2 via the LOLPopori Twitter Event!...

- The TERA Team -"

Guess what news was it?...


Dorjan3163d ago

That is one vet team of people!

Leord3163d ago

Who needs top people when thy have half naked chicks, lol.

Seriously, sometimes I think that is how things work :(

Malfurion3163d ago

Never diss the half-naked chicks dude.

But seriously, this alone doesn't guarantee the game's success, it has to be solid in its own right. But it's a damn good start.

Xi3163d ago

that engine is near identical to the look produced by blizzard.

midgard2273163d ago

did u just say the game looks like wow??????????????? now if its not what u meant dont pay attention to what im gonna say but

um just so u knoow all those employees arent making the gaming, koreans are, and wow is ugly and this game is for high end pc's, also these chars are gorgeous as opposed to WOW's lol.

these people that are hired are just for making servers and gameplay adjustments in the west thats it, they dont design the engine, characters, monsters, enviorment nothing.

but like i said dont pay attention and no offense if its not what u meant lol. enjoy and all hope to see ya in the beta

Gestalt3163d ago

Care to explain how the engine is identical to Blizzard's? I don't really see any evidence saying so.

midgard2273163d ago

prbly just another wow fanboy calling any other mmo a wow clone even if wow is dated old, ugly and boring already.