Forged by Chaos moving to Crysis 2 Engine: PS3 and Xbox 360 Version possible

Panzar Studio announce major changes in the development of Forged by Chaos game by moving to the new generation of the game engine from Crytek - CryEngine 3. With the use of CryEngine 3 Panzar Studio are now able to release Forged By Chaos on game consoles. CryEngine 3 Videos inside!

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jjesso19933112d ago

if there changing the engine wont it take ages for it come out now ?

Pandamobile3112d ago

They're just moving from CE2 to CE3. It should all be the same file types and everything.

catguykyou3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

There are probably migration tools provided to the developer by crytek as in inattentive to switch to the new engine. The art assets and code would migrate pretty easy. Then they can take advantage of new tech effects and cross platform compatibility.

PS: The game looks bad anyways

lil Titan3112d ago

i hope more multi platform PS3 games use this engine rather than the unreal engine dont get me wrong on 360 unreal works magic but on PS3 its just a sad sight to see

Baka-akaB3112d ago

I think even 360 owners should prefer the new cryengine . No contest here , a cryengine optimized for consoles VS a safe but too limited and not console optimized enough Unreal engine 3 .

darksied3112d ago

@lil Titan

I totally agree. I think it's about time we have a change from the Unreal engine. It's getting to the point that every game on it looks almost the same; I didn't think I would ever say this, but the engine is becoming the new generic look, partly due to developer's weak attempt at creativity.

Here's hoping developers start using the cryengine; better graphics on consoles is always a plus.

Chris3993112d ago

The only impressive game that I've seen aside from anything Epic produces is Lost Odyssey - and that was two years ago and it had some frame-rate issues (but I loved the character designs and effects).

Mostly, it just produces rather generic games that all look the same. That could also be the fault of the developers using it, or the consumers who exhibit little taste and continue to purchase mediocre games :)

I kid, I kid.

But really, a new middleware solution other than UR3 would be lovely.

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jay23112d ago

if there changing the engine wont it take ages for it come out now ?
No because it's running on CryEngine2, so moving to C.E3 wouldn't be a problem.

jjesso19933112d ago

imagine gears of war with cryengine now that would like beast

lh_swe3112d ago

I hope GTA or a similar open world title will use the Crysis 2 engine.

BYE3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I saw a trailer of this game a couple of months ago and it looked ok. Somehow like a Counter Strike in a fantasy environment or World of Warcraft Arena minus everything else.

Not sure if it would justify a full price tag, maybe 30 bucks would be ok for that kind of game.

clarkdef3112d ago

Thats sweet good move. And to all you devs who keep using the unreal engine go F yourselfs!