Watch out BitTorrent users, you may be at risk of being financially scammed

There is a new scam on the net affecting BitTorrent users, in an effort to try and extort cash from unsuspecting users.

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Raypture3112d ago

Saw this a few days ago on torrentfreak, nothing new really there are other things that stay under the radar, this is just blowing its cover since it's malware, and windows can't detect pirated content, that blew their cover big time with anyone who is experienced in using a computer (though most aren't nowadays). The worst part is it's just a huge identity theft scheme which is worse than piracy.

Parapraxis3112d ago

Agreed, title should be "Watch out Inept BitTorrent users, you may be at risk of being financially scammed...if you are a moron"

Dave13513112d ago

Holy crap I actually probly would have fell for that!

ChrisW3111d ago

BitTorrent is crap! Sure you can get some nice things, but 80% of the time your downloads are ungodly slow or or the item is non-existent and occasionally you get misnamed items (My friend accidentally got "Two Girls and a Cup" when downloading a South Park video.)

This is exactly why I like Usernet (AKA Binaries). If you know how, you can get it for free. But most sites charge for download limits. However, downloads are as fast as your Internet connection and 99% of the time you get the things you're looking for.

What Would Kratos Do3111d ago

If downloads are slow then its your PC or connection.
If you have download limits then change your ISP.
If you download fake files then its because you don't know what your doing. Its not difficult to check.

I got last weeks episode of south park in 2 minutes 50 seconds.

the 1.4gb copy of Clash of the Titans in 30 minutes.

Got 24 last night in 5 minutes.

Looking forward to downloading V tonight in about 5 minutes.

Mikeyy3110d ago


LOL, looks like you need to, L2Torrent.

I get full speeds on almost all downloads as long as there is a good amount of seeds/peers. Trust me, the problem is your router.

And ALL fake downloads/Mislabled files can be avoided. Its called "COMMENTS" If you goto a non-retard site like P''''' you can read other user comments about the file before you download. I can tell in 10 seconds whether the file is worth my time or not.

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FordGTGuy3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )


This be troubling times maties!

spandexxking3112d ago

Me timbers are shivering just thinking about it!

Theonik3112d ago

Argh... I say we catch them and make them walk the plank.

Keyser3111d ago

+Bubbles for cracking me up.

bobrea3112d ago

I can't believe that there are people stupid enough to fall for this.

Syronicus3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

So let me get this right, those using Torrent to copy pirated games and ripping off developers are now being subjected to getting ripped off as well? I know this is an old issue but come on, you have to see the irony here. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.