Gears of War 3 will 'embrace the shotgun' and allow more 'arcadey' play
"In response to how gamers played previous Gears of War games, Gears of War 3 will 'embrace the shotgun' according to lead designer Cliff Bleszinski."

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Lord Vader3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Hey Cliffy B: the 'arcadey' thing about Gears 2 vs Gears 1 is how detuned the weapons were, thus resulting in everyone running with Shottys because it is the most effective weapon & has the same range of the Lancer.

If the weapons werent so screwed up & the MP wasnt so laggy, the player could use different weapons effectively. As it stands, the shotty & the power weapons rule the MP because they WORK BETTER due to YOUR MP design.

Not a Gears hater, just the opposite. But you guys screwed up the MP so bad with Gears 2, you had better quit worrying about 4 player co-op & new weapons & concentrate on creating decent netcode for the Gears 3 MP - Here are some suggestions:

1. Fix the L A G

2. Dump the crappy Matchmaking system

3. Make the weapons' damage more balanced like Gears 1

4. Dump 'smoke' I mean CONCUSSION grenades, they suck.

5. Regional setting so I dont play with ppl in Mexico. = L A G

6. Address weapon switching & player movement = Gears 2 weapon switching, jumping, & general movement is SLOW & CLUNKY compared to Gears 1. Don't believe me ? Go play a map from G1 & then loadup a map on G2 = BIG difference.

7. Fix the L A G again & Beta test the Hell out of the game.

Look at Mass Effect 2, Bioware LISTENED to critics & more importantly gamers & made significant changes to please us & look what happened: a VASTLY IMPROVED GAME !!!!

No excuses this time, Epic will have 5 or 6 extra months to work on the game due to ReAcH's release date. C'mon EPIC, we all loved the first game, PLEASE make some POSITIVE changes to the MP for the GAMERS who love GEARS this time around.

GameOn3206d ago

Would you call the Gears 1 sniper Balanced?


Do you still play Gears? I play almost everyday, and I feel if you don't play the game, then you should keep your suggestions to yourself.

UnwanteDreamz3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

If he played it he can speak on it. Hell half the people here speak on games they haven't even played.

Trying to quiet dissent wont help you get a better game in the long run.

"I feel if you don't play the game, then you should keep your suggestions to yourself."

I feel like playing it everyday means you can't look at it objectively so you should keep your thoughts to yourself.

BlackTar1873206d ago

no fanboyish so why cant he explain his issues with the MP.

are yo gonna speak up and let us all know what the issues were for u?

or just tell others to keep it to themselves cuz we all know that when you have a problem with something its best to keep it to yourself./s

skip2mylou3205d ago

iflow cant be talking he talks like how he plays KZ2, heavy rain, MAG and all of these other games everyday and still criticizes them even though he doesnt even own them.

bviperz3205d ago

Can't believe most people seem to overlook/ignore the glitch fest that Gears of War 2 was.

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Dtoxz3206d ago

the Gears series has been one of my favorites and I think that if Epic games listen to the gamers, they could make the best multiplayer shooter out there.

I think adding a 6 vs 6 or even 8 vs 8 would be awesome too. I love the idea of co-op too. I played the 2nd one with a buddy through the entire campaign. It was awesome.

We actually turned it into a drinking game. Every time someone in the game said the word "delta" we drank. I was hammered in 45 minutes. Lol.

Anyway, Vader you are right in everything you say. Those changes would improve on the game greatly.

I just hope the MP doesn't just randomly turn into a Shotty fest because of what they were saying in the article.


If they do it right, GOTY contender.

Kingdom Come3206d ago

Embrace the Shotgun?
No Complaints Here...

mrv3213206d ago

Sounds like an innuendo.

I can't wait for Gears 3 hopefully it'll be a step up visually and have some colour, it was fairly depressing for Gears 2 all gray brown and black and you just wonder why your fighting.

Kingdom Come3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

I would prefer a more depressing theme to Gears of War 3. Graphics have been promised to be improved by Cliffy B. As for the multiplayer, it's Amazing as it is, with some tweeks with connection, the Thirds will be perfect. Gears of War is by far the best Game Franchise ever, if this is the final, let's go out with a bang! Roll on April 2011!

mrv3213206d ago

And I fully agree, the situation should be made dire, but it should also provide a climps of good, like showing a school that isn't blown up... or just showing something worth fighting for.

Das_Bastardion3206d ago

is inferior visuals, even if they try with his maximun effort they will never make a game as visually impressive as a PS3 exclusive

Hail to the KING OF CONSOLES xbots!!!

el_nene_lindo3206d ago

this game is going to flop with its stupif akimbo shotguns we saw it on mw2 and ppl hated it well...more mediocre gammes for the 360 library

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