Touchscreen PSP Incoming?

An ESRB listing for PSP suggest that a touchscreen interface could be coming to the PSP.

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sinncross3200d ago

Possible, or your control the hand with the analog nub?

interesting nevertheless

Robert Patrick3200d ago

sheesh...everyone copies apple...

young juice3200d ago

you know santa monica once said " imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3200d ago

I've been playing touchscreen games on my palm pilot for 10 years now.

sikbeta3200d ago

It Must be PSP-Phone with 2 Analogue sticks and that's a Winner

Hideo_Kojima3200d ago

Detected on the source website by Avast.

Better be on the safe side here is a copy and paste:
"PSLS recently reported that the ESRB had revealed 13 new PSP titles.

One specific title, Finger Connection seems to suggest that a touchscreen is coming for the PlayStation Portable or maybe even a PSP phone or PSP2 (although the platforms for these games do not suggest this). Take a look at the game's description:

"This is a multiplayer party game in which players spin a wheel that tells them to place their fingers on colored spots on a board. Players lose if their hands become too twisted to place their finger on the chosen spot."

This game sounds a lot like Twister, but I don't see how it could be any fun if you were playing it with digital fingers. In fact, all 13 titles seem to fit perfectly with touchscreen gameplay, so is a touchscreen PSP or the elusive PSP phone coming sooner than we thought?"

gaffyh3200d ago

It HAS to be PSP2 if it has two analog nubs, I think it'll be a PSP phone personally. Just seems like it would go, plus Sony could roll out the PSN over their phones and let people play these mini-games on there.

MEsoJD3199d ago

Everybody these days wants that all in one device.

silvacrest3199d ago

looks that way, doesn't it?

randomwiz3199d ago

I can't actually believe that people thought apple invented touchscreen with the iphone

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user94220773200d ago

Hope they do. Would be amazing to have a touch screen PSP.

UnwanteDreamz3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

I disagree. If they are adding a touchscreen then I have to wonder why. I don't see how this will make the PSP better.

I am sure they think it is more appealing to consumers but I don't see how this helps it do its main function better.

-Alpha3200d ago

The DS has a lot more unique games because of the dual screen. I think a dual screen will be needed if they are going to make a touch screen.

Personally, I think if they add two analog sticks, a touch screen, 3D, and a normal screen they will have a complete package. They may end up looking like they are playing catch up with Nintendo if they do Dual screen touch screen because Nintendo would be moving on to 3D. Then again Sony may not even care since it markets PSP differently.

Personally I think its in the best interest of consumers and Sony to add touch screen and 3D because it can bring in casual audiences while widening the gameplay variety in games.

UnwanteDreamz3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Unique games does not mean better games. I bought a PSP over a DS because I knew what kind of gaming expierences it would cater to.

This has casual written all over it. I have never been playing a good game and thought "You know what would make this game better? Touching the screen!" I want core gaming on my handheld, not gimmicks.

This brings me to my main gripe. Why is touching the screen innovative? I see this thrown around alot without explination.

I don't think Sony has my interests in mind. They want me to buy another PSP when the one I have works fine. This is not in the best interest of consumers. Sony supporting the product we already bought is in our best interest.

Giant_Chibi3200d ago

Games like hotel dusk on the ds utilized the touchscreen, the mic, and the actual folding of the console itself, and it was far from casual.

I don't understand your argument when you say what the ds and psp cater to. It's as if you're implying that the psp is for hardcore and the ds is for casuals, which couldn't be any further from the truth.

The ds allowed for two control schemes. Touch-controlled or physical buttons. You were given options. And those options reflected within the games. Some were touch, others physical, and some even mixed. So I had access to a plethora of innovative games and traditional games.

Seriously, I thought putting together a sniper rifle using the touch screen in gta chinatown wars was pretty damn impressive.

I'm agreeing with alpha on this, it's not a bad thing to have. As long as the psp will have physical buttons along with the touchscreen, then I see no problem.

shadow27973200d ago

If Sony does a dual screen, I will never buy it. I'm okay with touch screen, as long as every dev doesn't go crazy with it.

On the PSP, Sony currently appeals more to the hardcore than the DS. They've found a niche in the market. If they start getting too gimmicky, they will fail.

Sony needs to concentrate on bringing awesome, home-console-like experiences on the go, along with various multimedia features.

I like what Nintendo does with their handhelds, but it doesn't fit Sony in my opinion.

I would be happy if the PSP2 just had dual analog sticks, PS2.5 graphics, and more space on the distribution medium.

Giant_Chibi3200d ago

"I'm okay with touch screen, as long as every dev doesn't go crazy with it."

Exactly. Completely agree with you there.

That's exactly how it was with the sixaxis on the ps3, I hated using it for conventional things like throwing a grenade in uncharted or shaking off enemies in resistance. Developers tried to innovate things that didn't need innovating.

But, with sixaxis, developers began to understand what worked and what didn't. Now most devs don't force sixaxis, but it's nice to have the option there. Like in mgs4, when you control the mkII, you can use the analog stick or the sixaxis.

That's why I think if devs get touch-enabled psps, they'll understand or eventually will understand what will work and what won't work. And we as consumers will have the option of touch-based games and traditional games.

ColdAssassin3200d ago

I agree with you. The psp doesn't really need a touch screen to compete with everyone else.It has the games and the fans that support it. The psp is still selling and it doesn't have a touch screen, so that tells you something about psp owners.

-Alpha3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Giant Chibi said it perfectly.

Also, I didn't say touch screen=better games, but it allows different games to exist, which would widen the variety. What's wrong with that?

The PSP would benefit from touch screen if devs can support it well. That's why I like the DS. Games make great use of the gameplay features unique to the DS. Imagine PSP capabilities with a touch screen interface.

silvacrest3199d ago

the only reason for a touchscreen on a PSP is to bring games that were simply put, impossible to do on older psps or to add phone functions for a PSPhone

randomwiz3199d ago

In my opinion, they need to add a touchscreen, because in my opinion, you could get great casual games, and UI's built for touchscreens are more fun to use imo.

But, I'd rather play LocoRoco MidNight Carnival with the L+R instead of a touchscreen/accelerometer because I find it fun pressing L+R.

schlanz3199d ago

Clearly you don't have much experience with good touchscreen games. 'Tis a shame you blindly reject anything beyond a conventional controller.

The next PSP will have a touchscreen, I can assure you. The market is becoming very used to them at this point, thanks to smartphones, ipod touch/iphone and the DS.

Just as Sony is introducing motion control to its console, so will they bring touch control to its handheld. It is a natural progression and inexpensive tech that would be a mistake to leave out.

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Fishy Fingers3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

I seems to have come to a point where, if a portable devise doesnt have a touch screen it's old hat. Be a nice addition along with traditional controls, preferably 2 nubs, I just want 2 nubs :(

koehler833200d ago

Well the description says 'until your hand becomes too twisted to keep your finger on the spot', which to me indicates an on-screen hand, not your own.

mirroredderorrim3200d ago

I'd like to see two nubs, buttons and a touch screen. Am I asking the world though?

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