nVidia Chief: 360 Must go HiDef

Microsoft can't possibly manage on DVD alone next year – at least that's what nVidia's CEO says.

He's totally biased, of course, being the man behind the graphics in both the PS3 and Wii consoles, but now the boss of nVidia is laying into Xbox 360's lack of Hi-Def disc support.

Praising Sony's decision to delay the PS3 to squeeze in Blu-Ray, nVidia's chief executive, Jen-Hsun Huang, has told the San Jose Mercury News that Microsoft simply can't compete against its graphical might with the Xbox as it stands.

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FeralPhoenix5405d ago

It would have been helpful if he had outlined the reasons why he believes DVD would not be sufficient as far as HD videogames for HD movie playback, I could care less because when HD movie's actually become mainstream I will buy a quality stand alone player to watch movies in my living room...not a video game console.

heihoosilver5405d ago

isn´t ATI who is in charge of wii graphics?

johnrichardandrew5405d ago

Yes but game journalism now is getting worse by the year.

mikeeno75405d ago

Of course the nvidia man is going to say this. It's like Microsoft saying their machine is the best.

Krimson5405d ago

Breaking news! ATI thinks the 360 is a better console!

The Snake5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

That's pretty much how it goes. The less 360s sold, the lesser its market share. The lesser MS's market share, the more market share Sony gets. And the more Sony sells, the more nvidia makes. It's not necessarily that he is biased, but he does have a good reason or motive to be. Therefore anything he says about this issue should definitely be taken with a grain of salt.

Dusk5405d ago

What a worthless article. First off, it's crap. Secondly, he's so utterly biased it's ridiculus. If PS3's don't sell by the truckload, then he stands to lose money. So of course he'll say this. nVidia has officially entered the world of the Sony hype machine, a lot of hot air with no real substance. It reminds me of Sony with their Sony Pictures group, when they invented that fake movie critic a couple years ago that gave all Sony Pictures' movies great reviews. Then of course, they got busted for it. It's why it doesn't surprise me that several game review sites/mags receive Sony 'donations' and of course last year's E3 'in game' movies (ahem.....CG pre-rendered). I guess maybe I'll have to lump nVidia in the same boat.

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The story is too old to be commented.