The Escapist: Metro 2033 Review

Metro 2033 is one of those games that sounds great on paper (a first person shooter set in the underbelly of a near-future post-apocalyptic Moscow? Awesome!) but when you actually sit down and start playing it, all the potential seems to evaporate, and what's left behind doesn't fit together that well.

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VigkVagk3207d ago

this review is such a load of [h]trash[/h] metro has some of the best graphics in this generation and blew away the sony playstation three's [i]attempt[/i] with god of war three!

moe843206d ago

I completely disagree. It's visuals are okay, at best. They are far from stunning, or "some of the best graphics in this gen.." as you put it. It's rather boring tbh. Hell my problem could be because I played it on the 360. Either way GoW3 looks much better, period.

Bodster3206d ago

Yeh it will be, Metro 2033 looks incredible on PC. I have to say this is a pretty poor review although i will give credit as it is their own opinion. I personally thought it was a solid 9/10, I really enjoyed it and have actually played through it 3 times. My only gripe about the game is that i never seem to have enough ammo xD