Teletext: Samurai Shodown Sen Review

The distinctive 2D artwork has been replaced with bland, poorly animated 3D characters shuffling around in front of lifeless, generic backdrops.

Although you could excuse SNK for not having state-of-art visuals the game's real problem is that it doesn't play anything like the old Samurai Shodowns. The controls are stiff and the combos have more in common with the button-mashing of Tekken then the emphasis on brutal special moves and careful tactics the games used to be known for.

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reintype3203d ago

Sorry, but you're probably a noob. You could get away with that on Soulcalibur but not on Tekken.

On Tekken, you're going to get juggled ad infinitum or eaten by sidestep attacks, if you tried anything like that, against anyone who's fairly knowledgeable about the game.